20 of my favorite Galaxy S20 tricks and pointers to make your cellular phone a miniature greater
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20 of my favorite Galaxy S20 tricks and pointers to make your cellular phone a miniature greater

Each person has miniature things they like to design when they get a contemporary smartphone. Place a favorite wallpaper, pick a ringtone, catch a case—personalizing your cellular phone is clearly a substantial part of the skills (some may possibly even call it enjoyable). However when I get a contemporary cellular phone, as ceaselessly happens as part of this job, my goal is to get it working the way I want and request as fleet as that you can think of. After I received my Galaxy S20, I went straight to work, and these are 20 of my top tweaks, pointers, tricks, and changes that I’ve made. Now not each can be the lawful change for each person, but confidently you may find a few things right here you either did not know or had forgotten about.

1. Utilize quantity keys for media

In 2020, I think it is a miniature silly in your quantity rocker to be doing anythingbutcontrolling media quantity. We typically take our phones in quiet or vibrate mode, so controlling gadget or notification noises with the amount rocker is fairly pointless. Samsung is one in every of the few cellular phone OEMs detached not making media the default quantity regulate out of the box, but changing right here’s straightforward adequate: correct hit the amount rocker, tap the tumble-down arrow on the sound menu, and toggle “Utilize Volume keys for media” on. At that point, you may be area.

2. Expose app drawer alphabetically

This one drives me batty: Samsung orders its app drawer grid in the launcher like a homescreen: contemporary stuff goes to the tip of the listing, and it is on you to organize it. This makes no sense! To relate your apps alphabetically, merely open up the app drawer, hit the 3-dot menu in the upper lawful, and tap “Sort” to find the alphabetical sort chance. A lot greater.

3. Expand home display and app drawer icon grid

By default, Samsung allows surprisingly few icons in your homescreen grid, but with phones as large as they are now, there may be really no reason not to be maximizing your real estate. Lengthy tap on an empty area of the homescreen, hit Dwelling display settings, and area your place and app display layouts to the largest configuration (5×6). So considerable room for activities!

4. Swap default browser to Chrome

That is a personal preference, but as considerable frigid stuff as Samsung’s Internet browser can design, I correct can’t live without Chrome. In the occasion you may very wisely be the same, you may want to scamper into settings for default apps (in the apps area of the settings… app) and swap it to Chrome, in any other case all your links will open in Samsung Internet.

5. Swap keyboard to Gboard

I have in mind this mandatory. Samsung’s virtual keyboard is correct really, really bad. Suggestions are gradual, not very factual, and the layout correct would not really feel find it irresistible’s especially factual at predicting what your fingers are actually searching for. Download Gboard and I can promise you, you may never scamper back.

6. Disable Bixby key and change to energy menu

As area up from the factory, holding the energy key in your Galaxy S20 will not provide you with the expected alternate suggestions to… flip off (or restart) your cellular phone. That is annoying and monotonous. To repair it, drag down the notification shade, hit the energy icon, and at the bottom of the display you may scrutinize a “Aspect key settings” button. From right here, you can toggle the “Press and maintain” feature to open the energy menu instead of Bixby, which, let’s be lawful, is really how this wants to be area up anyway. Who uses Bixby?

7. Indicate battery % in status bar

I am a little bit of a battery peeper, so knowing my exact battery percentage is kind of a must on my cellular phone. It is easy adequate to permanently add this to the cellular phone’s status bar, correct pull down on the notification shade, pull down again for the expanded snappily settings toggles, then hit the 3-dot menu button. You can find a “Status bar” chance, which has a toggle to narrate the battery percentage readout. (I also counsel toggling notification icons to “All notifications” ought to you want to scrutinize all your notifications in the status bar.)

8. Always display brightness slider in snappily settings, disable media and software controls

In the same 3-dot menu the place the status bar alternate suggestions live is one for the fast panel layout. This allows you to toggle the brightness slider to appear at any time when the notification shade is open, as adversarial to handiest when the chubby snappily settings toggles appear. I also at this point generally decide to disable the media and software controls interface, because it is fairly considerable ineffective, in my opinion, and correct takes up space in the notification shade.

9. Disable Samsung weather notifications

Attain you use the Google app? Does it send you weather notifications? Then you do not desire a second app sending you another notification for the same weather you may very wisely be already getting. Suitable scamper into the apps area of Settings, search for “Weather,” and disable all notifications for the app. This may possibly not affect your homescreen weather widget, it correct prevents needless notifications about information you do not desire a second time.

10. Increase display timeout

Samsung sets the display timeout for its phones to 30 seconds out of the box, which I find annoyingly conservative (I may correct be outlandish). I generally scamper into the display settings and area it to 5 or 10 minutes.

11. Swap display to 120Hz refresh

Your Galaxy S20 has a fancy, buttery composed 120Hz display. You ought to use it! Samsung has the Galaxy S20 series in 60Hz refresh mode by default, because the cellular phone’s battery lifestyles is significantly greater in this mode. However with a 4000mAh battery on even the smallest S20, I think it is going to be fine for most americans to use the cellular phone in 120Hz, and I’ve not considered a actually ridiculous tumble in estimated usage as a result. Some americans say they can’t really scrutinize the adaptation with 120Hz enabled, and if so, you may as wisely leave it off, but for these of us who design, right here’s the point of no return. I need to have high-refresh phones forever now.

12. Decrease display “zoom” or font size to narrate more snarl

In case your imaginative and prescient just will not be always so great, this probably just will not be always a factual one, but for me, it is a necessity. Samsung’s default font scaling is correct comically large to my eyes, so I always scamper into the display settings and flip it down a notch. The display correct seems less crowded and, uh, less find it irresistible was designed for someone in their mid-70s.

13. Disable edge panels

Samsung’s edge display feature was always kind of peculiar. I do know some these that absolutely fancy it, but I find it is correct something for me to accidentally open when I am going to swipe near the fringe of the display, especially ought to you enable Android 10’s gesture navigation (which is my next tip). Suitable scamper into Settings and search for “edge panels” and you may fleet find the toggle to disable them.

14. Enable gesture navigation

For me, there may be correct no going back to traditional navigation keys. I have to use gesture nav now, forever. Enabling it is straightforward adequate: scamper into Settings and search for “navigation kind,” and catch chubby display gestures. I disabled the “hints” as I did not find them necessary. Android 10’s gesture navigation is so intuitive as soon as you have got stale it for a few days, I extremely counsel trying it out. Change is hard, but I haven’t found a single person who hasn’t been totally converted as soon as they actually gave them an lawful attempt.

15. Enable swipe from homescreen for notification panel

Samsung’s launcher on the Galaxy S20 opens the app draw whether or not you swipe up or down on the homescreen, but right here’s easily changed: open up the homescreen settings and contemplate for the “Swipe down for notification panel” toggle. I also disable app icon badges (fairly ineffective!) while I am in right here, and Samsung has some other alternate suggestions like landscape mode that you may possibly want to enable.

16. Disable smart alert vibrations

Smart alert is a wisely-intended but extremely annoying feature of Samsung smartphones. Basically, Smart alert will vibrate ought to you make a determination up your cellular phone if any calls or messages came in while your cellular phone was sitting inactive. I find it unsettling, for one, and correct sort of pointless, for another. If I am picking up my cellular phone, I am going to contemplate at my notifications, I don’t desire a reminder! Also, any cellular phone buzzing that just will not be necessary is bad buzzing.

17. Disable putting unused apps to sleep

Samsung’s energy saving protocols for One UI employ a behavior called app “sleeping” that I am not particularly fond of. In short, this sleeping will cause apps you use infrequently to have severely restricted (or successfully no) ability to race in the background. The idea right here is that americans install a bunch of apps they never use, and these apps together create incremental battery drain with their various take a look at-ins and background processes that decrease your cellular phone’s longevity. For these with restricted smartphone data, that may be a factual idea, but for me, the idea I would omit a notification from an app because my cellular phone determined I did not need that app to be able to wake up in the background causes significant paranoia. Which leads to my next adjustment.

18. Disable energy optimization for Google Photos

Google Photos is one in every of my favorite apps, and its near-instant cloud backup feature is one in every of my favorite features of that app. Excluding, ever since Android started queuing background tasks more aggressively with the “battery optimization” feature, these uploads may not open for hours after snapping a image. This kind of defeats the motive of all the thing. Fortunately, you can disable this behavior on a per-app basis. That is kind of a complicated setting to find, and it is not the place you would probably think. Swagger into Settings, and search for “Optimize battery usage,” which ought to take you to the Special access menu. Hit optimize battery usage, then tap “App not optimized” and catch “All.” Then, search for Photos, and toggle it to the off place. Now your photos and movies will upload as soon as they’re taken, as Google Photos intended.

19. Decrease notification vibration intensity

Certainly one of my least favorite things about Samsung cellular phone is their raucous default vibration strength for notifications—it is actually loud.Compared to the light haptics of the Pixel line, this always take some getting stale to for me, but one way you can make it a miniature less… aggressive is scamper into Settings for sounds and vibration and area the vibration intensity for notifications to the minimum stage. Even at its lowest setting, it is detached fairly stable, nonetheless it is noticeably less grating to my ears. It is a small thing in the grand plot, but one which I think makes using my cellular phone less irritating. I can’t bear to put it on chubby quiet, so right here’s the handiest compromise I can manage.

20. Disable Samsung Daily

Samsung Daily, or the artist previously identified as the Bixby pane, is Samsung’s take on a Google Survey-y feed sort of thing.Some americans may find it irresistible, but I don’t desire an app I never intend to interact with using up data and RAM living on my home display. Suitable long-press on the homescreen, swipe over to the Samsung Daily panel, and you may scrutinize a toggle at the top to disable it. It is kind of hard to find ought to you do not know the place to contemplate, and I correct kind of assumed it was there till someone pointed this out to me.



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