3 Common Signs of a Person Lying

We all hate when someone close to us lie. We may feel mad, sad, angry, and dumb of not knowing which of which is true. But, have you ever ask yourself one specific question? “What if i know that person is lying?” So how can you identify that the person you’re talking to is lying? It’s easy you just need to notice the following:

  • Eye Contact – You may notice that he or she can’t look directly straight in your eyes, it’s a sign that the person you’re talking to is lying. But, There are people who are expert in lying. So you must be cautious when you talk to this kind of people.
  • Too much Sweat or Perspiration – This is the most common sign you may able to see when a person is lying. This is an outcome of your questions towards the person you asked. Intense Questioning may also affect his mental state, he may feel too much pressure due to thinking of what he or she will answer.
  • Unnecessary Hand Gestures or Movements – Another way of a lying which may “help” you to recognize that he or she definitely lying, to explain what he or she do, where he or she had been to, who he or she with, and when it will happen in unbelievable way of telling the story happened. Be careful you may fall in to this kind of trick. But, there is one flaw to this trick that you may notice, that his hands are sweaty and shaking too much.

Don’t ever fall, don’t even believe you may be a victim of liars around you waiting for a right timing to make their way. And there you have it. I hope this will help you sooner or later. I know you’re always a victim of these liars lurking around you. Kudos~

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