9 Tips for a Healthy Fall Season

9 Tips for a Healthy Fall Season: The long days and sweating brows of the heartless, remorseless, yet sunny, shiny, and bright season of summer are gradually bidding adieu. Soon, the trees will dance in colour, and walking on the gravel will resonate with that satisfying crunch of fallen leaves.

At such a time, it is extremely important to keep your health in mind. You certainly don’t want to spend these variegated days lying in flu. Here are some tips which will come in handy and get you through the fall season:


Ah yes! The great, glowing craft item that rot a few weeks later. Here’s a better use for the fruit. Its seeds are rich in phytosterols which help lower cholesterol. What’s more, its pulp is ripe with vitamin A and C and therefore, very healthy. Try out some pumpkin spreads and roasted pumpkin this time. Totally Yummy. And extremely healthy!


The flu shot

As we said, you don’t want to spend the colourful season wrapped in a blanket at home because of a flu that has you coughing all the while. So don’t forget to get that flu shot. Because a vaccine is the best preventive against it and prevention is better than cure. 🙂


The elixir! Drink lots of it to boost your immunity and keep the common cold away. Further boost those white blood cells by eating pumpkins and seaweed (they pack more vitamin C in a serving than an orange). Also try yogurt with its probiotics. Very helpful for your digestion.

Spend some time outside

The outdoors are colourful and not sweltering hot. And the temperature is usually moderate. It’s a great time to walk outdoors and it helps increase your vitamin D levels, improves concentration and makes you happier (so says Harvard Medical School).

Some workout while outside

When you’re already outside, try some exercise. Here’s a little secret. For an average 150 pound person, 30 minutes each of raking leaves, planting and weeding, and playing with children burn a hundred and fifty calories for every task.

Ah-uh! No greasy potato chips

You want to celebrate a game of football? Or maybe cricket? Whatever your intentions, enjoy a healthy snack by setting out vegetables and dips instead of chips.

And those broccoli, cabbage etc.

Carrots, cauliflower, eggplant… They all are the perfect way to reap autumn’s abundant plant-based diet benefit. Which, in turn, is great for weight control and a whole lot of other things.

The healthy thanksgiving

To stay off that sugar craving of turkey day, start it with a healthy, protein and fibre-packed breakfast.

The candy!

Just don’t turn sugar crazy like the high-five from the emoji movie. Get the candy on Halloween itself to keep you in control and if you still have to buy early, keep out of sight in a cupboard.

There we have it!

9 (a rather interesting number) tips for a healthy fall season. Remember, everyday is a perfect day to start a healthy habit, so why not start today!

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