A 2nd case of the coronavirus has been confirmed among evacuees at California air base
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A 2nd case of the coronavirus has been confirmed among evacuees at California air base

(CNN)A novel case of thenovel coronavirushas been confirmed among US evacuees at a San Diego County, California air base, the Centers for Disease Shield an eye on and Prevention said Wednesday.

The patient is among a neighborhood that was below a federal quarantine relate after returning on a State Department-chartered flight that arrived at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar on February 7, the CDC said.

Right here’s the 2nd evacuee from Wuhan, China, below quarantine at the base to take a look at clear for novel coronavirus. The first patientarrived at the base onFebruary 5. She was the primary US evacuee from China to be acknowledged to be infected with the novel coronavirus.

“The first and 2nd patients arrived on diversified planes and had been housed in separate facilities; there are no epidemiologic links between them,” the CDC said in a information release.

    The 2 patients are being cared for at UC San Diego Health, the CDC said.

    “At this time there’s no such thing as a indication of person-to-person spread of this virus at the quarantine facility,” said Dr. Chris Braden, who leads the CDC on-scrape team.

    Braden said the CDC will investigate and work to detect and contain any cases of infection.

    Errors by a hospital in San Diego and the CDC led to the primary patient being sent back to base instead of isolation at the hospital, according to a health official familiar with the situation.

    The hospital sent their specimens to a CDC lab in Atlanta for testing. According to the source, three of the four specimens had been incorrectly labeled upon arrival and so they weren’t examined. The CDC lab did no longer realize the specimens had been from the Miramar patients.

    When no outcomes had been reported back, CDC staffers mistakenly gave UC San Diego Health the outcomes of different patients who examined negative. That mistake led to the Miramar patients being transferred back to the base Sunday afternoon.

    After they arrived back at the base, the mistake was found and the exams had been race on the three Miramar patients.

    The outcomes for the woman came back clear, and she was transported back to UC San Diego Health on Monday morning, where she was in isolation. The woman has had a very light illness, according to the source, with no fever and a miniature cough. The other three patients examined negative.

    The latest case is the 14th confirmed case of the novel coronavirus in the United States and the eighth case in California.

    The health authority in Hubei province, where Wuhan is the capital, reported 242 more folk died of the coronavirus in the province Wednesday, raising the death toll in the epicenter since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak to 1,310. The global death toll is at least 1,357, with one death in Hong Kong and one death in the Philippines.

    The global series of confirmed coronavirus cases has now exceeded 60,015 with the vast majority of cases in mainland China.

      Extra than 1,300 folk have died from the virus and more than 60,015 folk have been infected. The vast majority of infections have been in mainland China.

      The World Health Organization and the United States have declared the outbreaka public health emergency,but US officials have urged residents no longer to panic.

      CNN’s Darran Simon, Elizabeth Cohen, Jon Passantino, Larry Register and Steven Jiang contributed to this account.