Anger in Guam at ‘dangerous’ plan to offload US sailors from virus-hit aircraft carrier
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Anger in Guam at ‘dangerous’ plan to offload US sailors from virus-hit aircraft carrier

Community leaders in Guam have voiced considerations at the “dangerous put a question to” from the US Navy to evacuate thousands of sailors to their island from a US aircraft carrier, where there has been an outbreak of coronavirus.

Nearly 3,000 sailors will probably be taken off the united statesTheodore Roosevelt by Friday, as the navy struggles to quarantine crew members in the face of an outbreak.

The sailors will probably be housed on Guam, a US territory, which has been the hardest hit place in the Pacific plot by the Covid-19 outbreak, with 77 confirmed cases and three deaths. There are fears that health companies in Guam will soon reach breaking point as the outbreak worsens.

Politicians and neighborhood teams have protested to the governor of Guam, Lou Leon Guerrero, who allowed the circulate.

Senator Sabina Flores Perez urged Guerrero to oppose the “dangerous put a question to”, saying the decision was a “reckless” one that “threatens the health and safety of us all”.

“Our medical facilities are strained, and we have yet to expertise the peak of this outbreak, at which point the island will find itself in an even more compromising situation,” she wrote.

Perez said that whereas she prayed for the fast recovery of infected sailors, they were seemingly to be younger and have greater health benefits than the lower-wage workers at the resorts where the sailors can be quarantined. She suggested the sailors must composed instead be housed at the naval base.

“Our military is successfully-resourced and able to apartment these younger sailors on base with out compounding the problem by exposing vulnerable carrier staff and the public,” she said.

Eight local neighborhood teams wrote to the governor on Sunday, raising considerations about letting sailors off the vessel.

“While most efficient these that check negative will probably be moved to Tumon, it is composed dangerous considering how contagious the virus is,” said one organisation, I Hagan Famalåo’an Guåhan, in a statement.

“Being negative today does no longer mean that they gained’t be in a week or so. The decision to apartment them in the heart of our neighborhood is playing a game of chance with the health of our other folks.”

Guerrero said on Wednesday that sailors who had examined negative for Covid-19 can be allowed into resorts, where they can be monitored for 14 days.

“I have agreed to allow the restricted housing of sailors who have examined negative for Covid-19,” she said, according to the Guam Daily Post. “Only sailors testing negative for Covid-19 will probably be housed in vacant Guam resorts … subject to a 14-day quarantine length enforceable beneath the Uniform Code of Military Justice.”

The US Navy has no longer confirmed how many of the 5,000 crew members have been confirmed to have coronavirus, nonetheless US officials told Reuters that 80 had examined clear, and that this number was seemingly to increase as more assessments were achieved.

The navy requested the sailors be allowed off the carrier to try and decrease the spread of the outbreak onboard, and allow personnel a chance to disinfect the ship.

In a memo to Navy leaders over the weekend, Captain Brett Crozier, the ship’s commanding officer, said removing all nonetheless 10% of the crew was necessary to stop the spread of the virus. “We are no longer at war. Sailors attain no longer want to die. If we attain no longer act now, we are failing to neatly take care of our most depended on asset our sailors,” said Crozier.



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