Apple now lets apps send ads in push notifications
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Apple now lets apps send ads in push notifications

Apple will now allow push notifications to be traditional for advertising, so prolonged as users agree to obtain the ads first.

As spotted by9to5Mac, Apple updated its App Store guidelines today with a change to its traditionally strict restrictions around push notifications. Apple has prolonged banned apps from using notifications for “advertising, promotions, or negate marketing features,” but that changes today. Apps can now send marketing notifications when “customers have explicitly opted in to obtain them.” Customers have to also be able to decide out of receiving the ads.

The change follows a couple incidents over the past two years in which Apple zigzag its absorb principles by sending out push notifications that read a lot care for ads. Since other companies’ apps can be banned or have their push notification privileges revoked for that behavior, the moves had been criticized as another example of Apple getting away with special treatment because it controls the platform.

Apple’s intention has generally been a superb one right here — no one wants to be spammed with notifications, especially no longer marketing messages they didn’t request. However the flat out ban led to some ambiguities that this original policy may be able to clear up. Can a retailer exhaust a push notification to explain you about a sale, while you’ve already installed their app? Can Amazon encourage customers to rob a original cellular phone thru its app, as it honest lately did? Some of these notifications can be invaluable, and Apple’s original policy may well allow them to thru while giving customers control over whether or no longer they actually gape them.

There have been a handful of alternative updates that came down from Apple today, too.9to5Macsays that Apple area a deadline for when Sign in with Apple has to be implemented: April 30th. The single sign-on system is meant to offer a extra steady alternative to Facebook and Google sign-ins, which are widely offered as a rapidly way to get folks using a original app.

Apple also said this may occasionally extra heavily scrutinize fortune telling and dating apps and will reject them if they accomplish no longer “provide a unusual, high-quality skills.” They’re now included beneath the same spam principles as fart and burp apps.

Another added rule bans apps that can be “traditional to commit or attempt to commit crimes of any kind by helping users evade law enforcement.”



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