Best Themes for your WordPress Websites 2018 

WordPress is one of the most common stops in the race to set up one’s website or blog. Having a website is a special and remarkable feeling. You can relish it even more if you can customize and personalize the look and feel of your blog. And luckily, WordPress comes to the rescue by providing an endless library of Best Themes at your fingertips. Of that ever-expanding collection, here are four options we thought worth considering. While the list is by no means exhaustive, it does cover some contenders we liked the most for their respective purposes.

1.  Enrollment Lite

Demo URL: Enrollment Lite Demo

Purpose: Best suited for educational institutions.


Enrollment Lite is the child theme of enrollment developed by Codevibrant, a company based in Nepal and Australia. While the usage of a theme is based pretty much solely on the user, this particular theme was designed specifically for educational institutions, with multiple colours, sectioned layout and soft, fluid animations. There are a variety of colour palates to choose from and the layout responds perfectly to changes in aspect ratios.

2. Hypermarket

Demo URL: Hypermarket Demo

Purpose: Best suited for e-commerce.

Hypermarket is one of those themes that just get it right. It’s beautiful, fluid, and responsive to multiple layouts with optimization for all devices. There are eye catching, gentle animations all over that polish the user experience. As implied by the name, it is an e-commerce theme and has support for Woocommerce. However, for the best possible experience, it is recommended to use the hyper market plus plugin (about $50). Hypermarket also provides three different versions of its homepage, but we found the first one to be the best one. The attractive look of the theme is sure to have clients engaged in no time at all, and there are options in the Hypermarket Plus plugin that make this an inevitable choice.

3. Audioman

Demo URL: Audioman Demo

Purpose: Best suited for musicians.


Audioman is a theme designed for musicians. Like hypermarket, it provides different versions, though they are for the entire website instead of just the homepage. There are two variants, dark and white, further subdivided into free and pro. The dark look is highly suitable in today’s modern world, where LED screens dominate the display world. There is support for playlist, online audio player in the pro version, and the feel is accentuated by an impeccable colour scheme that suits the dark look. Though the light option is also good, but it’s not as pretty as the dark one. There are slight animations that suit the purpose it was designed for: Music. All in all, it is a great contender in the music theme segment.

4. Minimalisticky

Demo URL: Minimalisticky About Page

Purpose: Best suited for blogs

This particular option will catch the eye of all those bloggers out there. Minimalisticky, like its name, is a simple theme with a plain background and a two tone look. There are no distracting animations and no outrageously bright colours. The theme lives up to its name by being completely minimalistic and simply beautiful.



WordPress provides a variety of themes for you to choose from, with designs and plugins for almost every purpose and occasion. Chime in and leave a comment about which theme you liked the most.

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