Call of Duty Modern Warfare Patch Notes: Warzone Gets 200 Players and More with New Update
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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Patch Notes: Warzone Gets 200 Players and More with New Update

A major Season 4 update is headed to Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone courtesy of Infinity Ward and Activision. The original update, named Season 4 Reloaded, is a rotund one and will start rolling out tonight, June 29, at 11 pm PDT.

Depending on the platform, the update will vary from 22-36 GB for Modern Warfare householders, and 22-30 GB for Warzone players. Console players will also want to install a secondary download of 3.5 GB. As soon as the installation is total, Modern Warfare’s digital footprint will a bit increase, whereas there will be a dinky decrease for Warzone.

A plethora of additions is coming to multiplayer, as effectively as battle royale with the latest update. The developers have also incorporated several weapon adjustments. Let’s dive into the patch notes released by Infinity Ward, prior to the update.

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What’s original in Call of Duty Warzone?

Tonight’s update will begin rolling out across all platforms at 11PM PDT! Be certain to read up on what’s coming to #ModernWarfare and #Warzone, inspect weapon adjustments, download measurement information, and more by checking out our patch notes!

— Infinity Ward (@InfinityWard) June 30, 2020

The most significant addition is perhaps the increased player rely of 200 players for the battle royale. For now, it is most effective applicable to Battle Royale Quads, meaning 50 Quads will leap into Verdansk at as soon as.

Provide Spin Contracts are also headed to Warzone. After activating the contract, players will have to reach a nearby Maintain Station within the slice-off date for a bargain on Maintain Station purchases.

A original share of apparatus, the Spotter Scope, awaits Warzone players. It is a high-powered and re-usable scope with out the glint, enabling one to scan their surroundings and mark enemies while remaining undetected.

Moreover, the Gulag will receive semi-auto rifles, snipers, and a “exact fists and a throwing knife” melee loadout. BR Trios, BR Duos, BR Solos, and Plunder: Blood Money are the diversified available Warzone modes.

A original sniper rifle, the Rytec AMR, and a original Operator, Roze, will also be joining the multiplayer and the battle royale, even supposing the patch notes don’t point out those.

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What’s coming to Call of Duty Modern Warfare?

Modern Warfare gets a original map in the obtain of Cheshire 24/7. Players will get to skills tactical multiplayer combat on the map located in urban London, England.

Team Defender, a popular game mode from the previous Call of Duty titles, also returns to Modern Warfare. It is a fast-paced goal-based game mode similar to Capture the Flag, however with a twist.

Ground War, Blueprint Gunfight, Shoot the Ship 24/7, Gunfight Tournaments will also be accessible. Realism Mosh Pit is shifted to the Snappy Play Filter and Strongbox Regular, Strongbox Veteran, are the Modified Special Operations available.

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Weapon adjustments

Players have complained about the developers’ decision to exclude weapon adjustments from the initial Season 4 update. This time though, the Season 4 Reloaded update has addressed the problem by implementing necessary balancing acts to moderately a few weapons. Right here are all the weapon adjustments as equipped by Infinity Ward:

  • The M4 will obtain an AR magazine reload when attempting to reload the underbarrel launcher even as you have the 50 Round Mag attachment equipped. This has been fastened.
  • Stopping Energy is now applied to headshots. Greatest certain weapons can accelerate from a 2-shot to a 1-shot headshot, care for the FAL and Oden. This fixes a few cases where headshots may perhaps sometimes finish much less damage than physique photographs when using Stopping Energy.
  • Start Ammo and Max Ammo Adjustments:
    • Increased Max Ammo: M4 .458 SOCOM Rounds
    • Increased Max Ammo and Start Ammo:
      • CR-56 AMAX M67 Rounds
      • SKS 10 Round Mags
      • Striker 45 Hollowpoint Rounds
      • SCAR Default Mags
      • Oden Default Mags
    • Increased Start Ammo:
      • SCAR 25 Round Mags
      • Oden 25 Round Mags
  • AX-50: Increased damage range
  • HDR: Guaranteed one-hit to decrease torso at any range
  • Kar98okay:
    • Increased ADS pace
    • Small decrease to hip spread
    • Increased damage range
  • MK2 Carbine:
    • Faster motion pace
    • Increased damage range
  • Dragonuv:
    • Increased ADS pace
    • 2 hit cancel min
    • Gun recoil returns to the heart more
    • Faster rate of fireplace
  • FAL: Added a shut-range damage shelf with one-hit headshot potential
  • AK-47: Increased ADS pace
  • CR-56 AMAX: Decreased damage range
  • MP5:
    • Decreased damage range
    • Decreased 10MM damage range
    • Reduced prolonged-range damage to 10MM ammo
    • Tiny recoil increase to 10MM ammo
  • Grau 5.56
    • Damage range reduction
    • Tiny increase to high-frequency recoil
    • Reduced recoil compensation and decreased range on Tempus 26.4” Archangel and FSS 20.8” Nexus barrels
  • Shotgun Slugs:
    • Increased projectile scurry
    • Reduced ads spread
    • Added dynamic hip spread
    • Increased damage ranges
    • Increased decrease torso damage
  • No stock attachment:
    • Increased weapon recoil
    • Decreased ADS aiming steadiness

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Fixes for Warzone

  • Repair for an exploit in Boneyard where players may perhaps climb into the destroyed fraction of a plane
  • Gas Mask now cracks in case you’re taking damage near or in the circle
  • ‘Team Wiped’ message now appears in the Killfeed for all your squad to inspect
  • Repair for an relate where players may perhaps spawn below the map after winning their Gulag match
  • Mounted a trojan horse where players using Charly’s Tactical Human skin or Mara’s Valkryie skin would mark their character models missing from the exfil epilogue in the helicopter
  • The audio for the Provide Choppers is too loud, preventing players from hearing most diversified sounds and communicating with their squad. This has been adjusted
  • During the Provide Chopper match, the availability choppers may spawn from below the map, killing players positioned on top of those locations as they raised via the map. This has been fastened
  • Repair for the final circle being too shut over areas that players cannot access such as the heart of Stadium
  • The After Action File now shows Cash Earned and Placement
  • Repair for a rare trojan horse where a player spawned out of bounds after dying out of bounds
  • Repair for a minor relate where the radio operator dialog and subtitles for called in Killstreaks may perhaps incorrectly play the rotten faction
  • Now allow up to three Precision Airstrikes to be called in at as soon as however within a distance restriction

Apart from that, there are several General fixes, as effectively as fixes for Special Operations. You can check out Infinity Ward’s full patch notes for all the details.