Canon EOS R5: everything we all know so far about the unique mirrorless marvel
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Canon EOS R5: everything we all know so far about the unique mirrorless marvel

Canon EOS R5

(Image credit: Canon)

By late last year we all knew there was a excessive-stay EOS R assortment corpulent-frame mirrorless camera in the pipeline afterCanon executives confirmedit was being developed. Back then, rumors had been rife that the snapper would feature a excessive resolution sensor of both75MPor even83MP.

While we have no official be aware on the sensor resolution, Canon has let the area know that there’s a unique excessive-specced camera arriving some time soon in the beget of theEOS R5. The pattern announcement left plenty to the imagination, however what puny was revealed has us all tingling with excitement.

While theEOS Rand theEOS RPhad been great cameras on their very cling, they did disappoint when compared to the competition from theNikon Z7and theZ6, as effectively as fromPanasonic’s Lumix S1andLumix S1R. From what puny Canon has revealed so far, it appears care for the EOS R5 will outdo all the competition, giving us the affect that the Japanese camera maker is fighting hard to please its fans.

And if the Canon EOS 1D X Mark III is anything to gallop by, the company is out to demonstrate it can light innovate and compete. That brings us to to the EOS R5, which has all the hallmarks of potentially being the strongest corpulent-frame mirrorless camera to date.

Canon EOS R5

(Image credit: Canon)

The EOS R5 pattern announcement was however a tease and there’s a lot we do not know about the upcoming shooter, however right here is the primary time we now have acquired official confirmation of some of its specs.

So, what can we all know for certain and what can we put a question to from the unique mirrorless marvel?

EOS R5: pricing and availability

One in every of the substantial gaps that was in Canon’s EOS R5 pattern announcement was the value tag the upcoming camera may carry, or even when shall we put a question to to lay our hands on it. We’re in doubt whether or not Canon will contain this gap by giving us extra information during the CP+ photography demonstrate to be held later in February, howeverrumorsdid point to a conceivable release date some time in July 2020.

While that may seem care for a long wait, or not it’s delicate grand in line with what Canon did with the EOS 1D X Mark III – the official pattern announcement was made in October 2019 with shipping of the camera having begun handiest in February 2020.

As for the value tag, we can handiest presume it’d be competing with the 45.7MP Nikon Z7, or perhaps even the 61MP Sony Alpha A7R IV. If that’s the case, be prepared to shell out something effectively over the $3,500 / £3,500 / AU$4,500 mark.

EOS R5: design

Canon shared a small image of the EOS R5 with the advance announcement and going by that alone or not it’s clear the unique camera will resemble the original EOS R physically. 

Then again, leaked specs that had been revealed by Canon Rumors in January indicate that the multi-characteristic bar on the rear of the EOS R will find its way to upcoming snapper. Instead, the scroll wheel will find its way back instead.

Talking about the button layout on the rear – we had been irregular to view whether or not the Smart Controller introduced in the EOS 1D X Mark III (to escape up point of interest point preference) had made its way to the R5 and the joystick on the rear appears to be a standard one and not the touch-sensitive option. If the Smart Controller has been uncared for, we think that’s a shame as we idea it was a brilliant little bit of innovation from Canon.

Rumors also imply that the R5 will exercise a brand-unique larger capacity battery however whether or not that will affect the overall measurement of the camera is as but unclear.

(Image credit: Canon)

EOS R5: sensor and processor

Canon has saved the sensor resolution of the EOS R5 a closely guarded secret howeverrumorsenact imply it’s far going to be 45MP. All we all know for certain, though, is that Canon is going to exercise a “newly designed CMOS sensor” in the unique shooter.

We also know for certain that the camera is capable of 8K video capture (extra on that later), meaning the camera would require a sensor with 7680 x 5120 pixels. That puts the sensor’s resolution in the 40MP ballpark. We will have to wait and view, though.

While we have no idea about the EOS R5’s autofocus gadget, Canon has confirmed that the upcoming camera can be capable of shooting stills at 12fps bursts when using the mechanical shutter, whereas matching the EOS 1D X Mark III’s 20fps continuous shooting escape when using the soundless shutter or shooting in Are living View.

We’re expecting the EOS R5 to make exercise of the unique Digic X processor that debuted in the professional sports activities DSLR not too long ago, although we are going to have to wait for confirmation from Canon on that regard.

EOS R5: video specs

That is the headline act: Canon has confirmed that the EOS R5 can be able to capture 8K video. That is the primary time such excessive resolution recording ability has made its way to a user-stage snapper (matching the newly-announcedSamsung Galaxy S20‘s video prowess), whereas or not it’s already available on some of Canon’s top class cine cameras.

According to Canon, having the ability to shoot in 8K will allow customers to extract oversampled 4K video and “extract excessive-resolution light images from video footage”.

We light do not know whether or not the camera can be able to capture 8K RAW footage, though, and whether or not there can be a crop factor to take into consideration, or whether or not it’s far going to be able to capture it in 10-bit 4:2:2 shade gamut, however this puts the Canon EOS R5 firmly in competition with thePanasonic Lumix S1Hwhich tops out at 6K video.

Frame rates also an unknown at the 2d, however outdated reports claim the EOS R5 may light be able to capture 8K at 30fps and 4K at up to 120fps.

The processing energy that can be required to file 8K movies would generate a gargantuan amount heat though, and or not it’s as but unclear how the R5 will handle this. From the images we now have considered, there would not appear to be a heatsink built in, care for the one on the Lumix S1H.

EOS R5: image stabilization

Canon has, historically, shied away from adding in-physique image stabilization (IBIS) to its cameras, relying on lenses that have in-built stability. Which makes the R5 irregular as Canon has announced that the unique camera will come equipped with IBIS that “will work in combination with the lens stabilization gadget” when using glass that come with built-in stability.

Canon Rumorsreported in January that the R5’s IBIS would lend 5 stops of stability by itself, however would get bumped to “7-8 stops of correction when former with in-lens stabilization”. If suitable, that would make handheld shooting with the R5 a dream and we can’t wait to attempt it out for ourselves.

EOS R5: connectivity

With both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth available in delicate grand each fashionable camera, the R5 will definitely have both on board, with rumors suggesting the snapper will toughen 5GHz Wi-Fi for faster transfer speeds. We’re in doubt whether or not the R5 will toughen suitable 5GHz wireless or whether or not, care for theSony Alpha A9 II, it’s far going to toughen both 2.4GHz and 5GHz – having both may appeal to the execs light hanging on to older gear.

While we don’t even know if Canon will make exercise of the latest Bluetooth 5.1 standard for wireless connectivity, the company has announced that customers can be able to upload images in original resolution and quality at as soon as to Canon’s uniqueImage.Canoncloud platform that can be available starting April 2020.

The EOS R5 will also feature dual card slots, although whether or not they can both toughen excessive-escape SD cards or CFExpress care for the EOS 1D X Mark III is anyone’s guess.


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