Digital Subscription: How do I choose?- Netflix Vs Amazon Prime Video Vs Hulu

Digital Subscription Netflix Vs Amazon Prime Video

Digital Subscription Netflix Vs Amazon Prime VideoThe early television sets of the mid-20th century had a running joke about getting the angle of the antenna just right. A second of a difference and the picture on those cathode ray tubes was nothing but static. But that is ancient history now specially now that we can have digital subscription.

The internet revolution has brought a variety of variegated media subscriptions at your fingertips. And it is becoming increasingly harder to choose the right one. Which is why we have thrown in the top contenders in the field at your disposal. Thank us later. For now, dive right in!


From selling DVDs in 1997, the company has become a digital media giant. Here is a breakdown:

$8 per month for 1 screen at SD
$11 per month for 2 screens at HD
$14 per month for 4 screens at UHD (HDR and Dolby Atmost included for some titles).

Availability: Almost all devices have a Netflix app, even gaming consoles do!


Netflix has an incessant library of original content and streams past seasons of hit TV shows. Old and new movies are also present, albeit to a lesser extent. Fair warning though, new episodes don’t show up until almost the entire season has aired fully, and sometimes even after the show’s off air.


Amazon prime video

The e-commerce giant broke into the streaming sector a few years ago and is giving heavy competition to everyone with its critically acclaimed originals and solid movie and TV shows collection.

$120 per year for video subscription
$13 per month for Amazon Prime (includes free two-day   shipping on eligible orders).

 Availability: With the exception of Chromecast, almost all major consoles and devices have amazon prime app. They even have a view only website.

The service has award winning original series available and frequent shoppers will find the included free two-day shipping a sweet deal. Like Netflix, the service puts a plethora of movies and TV shows at your disposal. The cherry topping is the 4K and HDR content at no extra charge.



The service provides current on-demand streaming on virtually every device and has a modest collection of originals.

$8 per month with ads
$12 per month without ads.
$40 per month for live on-demand TV.

Availability: Nearly all streaming boxes, internet enabled TVs, and smartphones have the Hulu app.

Hulu has a mere few originals but provides the latest shows, news and sports updates. Though the movie selection is limited, it has a fledged list of new TV shows and posts new episodes just days and sometimes, within hours of airing.


The movies anywhere ecosystem allows you to consolidate all your purchases and subscriptions in one place. It is present on virtually every device. All you need to do is link your account and you’re good to go!


There are a variety of services available for digital video subscriptions. While some of them have an ever-expanding library of original content, others compete by posting shows within days. Your best bet is to mix and match until you arrive at a combination that suits you well.

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