Doom Eternal at 8K sends a $2,500 graphics card to hell
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Doom Eternal at 8K sends a $2,500 graphics card to hell


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    (Image credit: iD Software)

    Doom Eternal is the latest instalment in the enduring first person shooter game series, and now that it’s launched, we couldn’t wait to are trying it out in 8K on our specially-constructed gaming rig, which features the most remarkable person graphics card in the area: the Nvidia RTX Titan.

    We would already found that even supposing Doom Eternal appears fantastic, it manages to escape extraordinarily nicely on a large range of graphics cards at 4K, however running at 7,680 × 4,320 8K resolution is a total various diploma of pain for even the most remarkable of gaming PCs.

    Then again, the fitting information is that Doom Eternal plays impressively nicely at 8K, easily surpassing our expectations. Then again, that 8K performance comes at a very excessive designate, both in phrases of cash and frame rates.

    Click the image to see it in full 8K glory

    Click on the image to peep it in full 8K glory(Image credit: iD Software)

    Doom Eternal 8K performance

    Our 8K test plot

    PC constructed by Chillbast

    Motherboard:Asus ROG STRIX Z390-E GAMING
    CPU Cooler:Noctua NH-U14S
    Case fans:Noctua NF-A14 PWM Chromax 140mm
    Processor:Intel Core i9-9900Okay, 8 Cores / 16 Threads
    GPU:Nvidia GeForce Titan RTX
    Storage:500GB Samsung 970 EVO Plus M.2 PCIe
    Secondary Storage:2TB Samsung 860 QVO
    Vitality:Corsair RM850x 80 PLUS Gold 850W PSU
    Case:Fractal Design Vector RS Tempered Glass
    RAM:G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32GB DDR4 3200MHz
    Monitor:Dell UltraSharp UP3218Okay

    So, let’s get fair to it: how does Doom Eternal escape at 8K resolution? We’re pleased to say, ravishing damn nicely, all things regarded as.

    Playing Doom Eternal at 8K resolution and with graphics settings on ‘Ultra Nightmare’, which is the highest they are going to inch, gave us average frame rates of 39.9 frames per 2nd (FPS).

    As we talked about in our in-depth Doom Eternal GPU assessments, the game does not have a constructed-in benchmark tool. Instead, we used MSI Afterburner to listing the frame rates as we played. These results duvet around 15 minutes of gameplay at the start of the game, and include tight corridors, large rooms stuffed with enemies and large inaugurate spaces as nicely.

    Managing almost 40FPS in ultra settings at resolutions of seven,680 × 4,320 is awfully spectacular, then again it’s a far sob from the 60FPS minimum most PC gamers are expecting these days. Plus, in case you have a monitor with a excessive refresh rate, where you usually are expecting frame rates easily above 100FPS, that 40FPS frame rate is never always going to provoke you great.

    It be also rate noting that Doom Eternal is a frantic, fast-paced game that’s been designed to really feel fast and responsive, so having average frame rates of 40FPS (and we recorded minimum frame rates of 18FPS), means you are no longer going to get the total expertise playing at 8K, no longer matter how correct it appears.

    After all, we were playing at the highest graphical settings, so in case you spent a bit of time tweaking the graphics, you may boost that framerate greater. Then again, that leads us on to our various explain with Doom Eternal at 8K…

    Click this screenshot to see the level of detail at 8K

    Click on this screenshot to peep the diploma of detail at 8K(Image credit: iD Software)

    A monster GPU for monster slaying

    To get 40FPS at 8K, we’re running Doom Eternal on a PC with an Nvidia RTX Titan graphics card… which expenses $2,499 (around £2,000, AU$3,600).

    And that’s for the GPU alone. We also played it on the Dell UltraSharp UP3218Okay monitor, which expenses $3,899.99 (£3,200, around AU$ 7,000). 

    Factor in the relaxation of the PC, and you are looking at a setup that expenses in the region of $10,000 / £9,000 / AU$17,000… correct to play a game at 40FPS.

    So, is playing Doom Eternal at 8K rate it? No, no longer at all. Definite, you get bragging rights, however here’s a game that places emphasis on escape, FPS and lightning-fast responses, things that are all sacrificed in case you play at 8K.

    And, whereas this game certainly appears good in places, it’s miles never meant to be a graphical showcase. Because hardly anyone can be playing the game at 8K, the textures aren’t designed for these resolutions. So, when playing at 7,680 × 4,320, you are getting a hit to the performance with out the corresponding bump in graphical constancy.

    Dropping the resolution to 4K, then, presents you a significantly better return in your investment. In fact, in our assessments we found that the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Astronomical, a GPU that’s a fifth of the value of the RTX Titan, can manage 4K at 60FPS.

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    8K gaming: no longer ready for top time, however getting there

    So, Doom Eternal’s 8K performance is a mixed bag. On the one hand, the fact it’s getting over 30FPS (frame rates many of us retain in mind the absolute minimum for a playable game) at 8K is spectacular.

    We tried Gears 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 at 8K resolutions, and both of these  games struggled to escape at anything approaching a playable frame rate at 8K, despite the remarkable (and very dear) hardware they were running on.

    This is testament to the devs over at iD Software, and the Vulkan API, Doom Eternal uses. This makes the game a brilliant PC port, with performance that easily beats the PS4 Professional and Xbox One X, even on cheaper gaming PCs.

    And, whereas 8K gaming at 60FPS looks a whereas away yet (unless you are playing conventional games appreciate Halo: Combat Evolved, which we bought running at a rock-solid 8K@60FPS), Doom Eternal proves that playable 8K gaming is conceivable fair now for fashionable games – as lengthy as you have the budget.

    Then again, in case you want to play Doom Eternal at 4K and 60FPS, which we think presents the highest expertise, test out our picks of the highest hardware below:

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