Easiest and worst Android brands for trade-ins revealed: Is your cellular phone
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Easiest and worst Android brands for trade-ins revealed: Is your cellular phone

The Moto G7 series doesn't hold its value, seeing a quick rate of depreciation according to a new report.

Smartphones generally don’t retain their trade-in value after a few years, however telephones from some brands form retain their value extra than others. Now, a new scrutinize has revealed the sizable winners and losers.

Trade-in company BankMyCell has revealed a sage which found that iPhones typically lose 45.46% of their value after two years. Meanwhile, the average Android flagship loses 45.18% of its value after legal a single year, and 71.41% of its total value after two years. In other phrases, you’ll get grand extra for a two-year-feeble iPhone than you can for a two-year-feeble Android flagship.

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Budget Android telephones lose grand extra value than flagship Android devices, according to the sage, with average resale value dropping to 79.66% in two years. In fact, the Motorola One, which was released in October 2018 for $349, lost 87.68% of its trade-in value in December 2019 (valued at $43).

BankMyCell’s sage singled out LG, Google, and Motorola as being the worst Android brands for stamp retention in 2019. Extra specifically, it illustrious that LG devices lost an average of 56.76%, Motorola telephones lost 59.41%, and Google handsets lost 51.68% of their value. By comparison, Apple devices lost 25.98% of their value in 2019.

The appropriate-performing Android brands in terms of value retention have been Nokia (27.68%), Sony (31.30%), and HTC (32.01%). BankMyCell notes that the data was collated from, “a couple of stores covering almost 300 devices, including all storage capacities.”

bankmycell 2019 reportBankMyCell

The sage also regarded at the top 5 depreciating telephones released in 2019, and the Moto G7 sequence occupied the primary three spots. This was adopted by the Google Pixel 3a and the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. It’s also value noting that the Samsung flagship’s depreciation was grand greater than the Galaxy S9 Plus‘s descend (45.26% vs 30.21%).

bankmycell trade in value top 5BankMyCell

That isn’t to say that you can’t get extra for your cellular phone by selling it on the thriving second-hand market. It’s also value stressing that legal because your cellular phone may be on the fast depreciation checklist doesn’t mean it’s no longer a factual cellular phone. After all, who cares if the Pixel 3a made the above checklist when it has a great camera and brisk updates?

For extra on smartphone depreciation rates, you can try the fat post with grand extra charts and tables factual right here.

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