Signs of Gadget Addiction and their Harmful Effects

Most of us uses gadgets in our daily lives specially the new generations. It’s good to have gadgets or smartphones as it simplifies our lives and make things easy specially in communication and source of information. For short, it’s impossible to live without it. There’s a lot of pros on using our gadgets but once you got addicted to it, that’s when the cons appear. Based on a cased study, people who are addicted to gadgets are more likely suffering in anxiety, depression, social phobia and sleeping problems. And researchers found that some of the same traits can also be found in shopping addicts. Gadget Addiction is somewhat troublesome.

Here are some Signs of Gadget Addiction:

  1. Checking/Using Your Phone Regularly –

    You tend to check your phone regularly. You feel the need to respond immediately on a message, chat, or a call. Thinking everything what they do in social media, previous activities that make them wait for “what will happen next?”

  2. Excessive use of Internet –

    They crave to use Internet even though it’s not needed. The internet provides vast amount of data and knowledge. For some, the opportunity to find information so easily has turned into an uncontrollable urge to gather information like watching YouTube videos, reading facts, etc.

  3. Ignores what’s happening to their surroundings –

    Most of gadget addicts won’t recognize this. They where so focused that they sometimes forgot what’s happening around them and sometimes they can’t hear you talking to them. They tend to shut their doors(sometimes ears) once they’re using their gadgets.

  4. They feel anxious when away from any gadgets –

    Most of gadget addicts have the urge to use their gadget when they’re away even for few hours or minutes. They feel the urge because using gadget becomes their comfort zone and once they’re away from it, they normally want to go back to it.  Example to this is when you where shopping, you just want to finish as soon as possible then go home and use your gadget. You might want to resume the game you were playing or continue watching videos you paused or something else.


Physical symptoms of Technology Addiction.

1. Weight gain or weight loss
2. Carpal Syndrome
3. Headaches
4. Neck and backaches
5. Dry, red eyes


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