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Signs of Gadget Addiction and their Harmful Effects

Nowadays, most of us uses Technology as their main source of knowledge but how can we be so sure that we aren’ that addictive to these we so called Technology? Based on a cased study Technology Addicts are more likely suffering anxiety, depression, social phobia and sleeping problems. And researchers found that some of the same traits can also be found in shopping addicts. Gadget Addiction is somewhat troublesome.

Here are the symptoms or signs that you may see in some “Technology Addicts”

1. Thinking everything what they do in social media, previous activities that make them wait for “what will happen next?”

2. Excessive use of Internet, they crave to use Internet even though it’s not needed.

3. Feel restless, moody, depressed and irritable when attempting to stop the internet use.

4. They use technology as their own world, escaping problems and relieving guilt, anxiety or depression.

5. Feel the need to respond immediately on a message, chat, or a call.

6. Checking the phone simultaneously even though it’s not ringing or vibrating ( this is what they so called Phantom Vibration).

7. Ignores what’s happening to their surroundings, what is important for them is the virtual world.

8. They feel anxious when away from any gadgets.

Physical symptoms of Technology Addiction.

1. Weight gain or weight loss
2. Carpal Syndrome
3. Headaches
4. Neck and backaches
5. Dry, red eyes

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