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Newly signed Cowboys defensive tackle Gerald McCoy played in each game for the Panthers last season, but played a smaller percentage of snaps than he played in all but certainly one of his seven seasons with the Buccaneers.

McCoy overlooked three games that season in Tampa, so last year represented a contemporary low and he said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that he “actually had a dispute with the coaches last year in Carolina because they have been taking me out of the game.” He went on to say that he feels he’s peaceful a three-down player and that he’ll trek back to being one in Dallas this year.

“I had by no means rotated as a lot as I did last year in Carolina,” McCoy said. “Ever. Ever. That’s now no longer what I was outdated to. That’s honestly now no longer even what I care for to design. I’ll play all game if I have to. . . . I’m an each down guy, that hasn’t changed and I don’t plan on it changing this year.”

Last year was a diversified one for McCoy and it was a disappointing one for his contemporary team as they failed to make the playoffs after winning the division in 2018. McCoy said that “each year is diversified” and that he if reality be told believes the team has all the gadgets necessary to flip that back around in 2020.