How to deal with problems once and for all?

deal with problems once and for all

Let us face this fact! We aren’t perfect! None of us are! We make mistakes. One person makes mistakes like the next one. And mistakes cause problems. Small, huge, financial, social, personal, inter-personal, no matter what. The important thing to realise is that no problem is the end of the world. Not just yet!

We often find ourselves in a spot of bother. Not just due to our own mistakes, but also due to circumstances and conditions all around us, which control our decisions and lives, and impact them in a way that is closer and deeper than we lead ourselves to believe. We also need to remember that there is no way we can make a “cheat sheet” which will stop problems coming our way. But if you’re in one of those phases where things seem dark, we have a few tips for you which may turn up to be pretty useful. Here goes:

1.    Take a break!

Your body needs the breathing space! Especially to calm down in a troublesome time. After you go somewhere peaceful, away from the problem you face, the tranquillity will help you think clearly about the future.

No matter what hurdles come up, it is imperative that we maintain our cool. Before we face those problems, we need to take control of our emotions which will help in more effective decision making.

Take a few deep breaths and tell your own self that you believe in him. Self belief is essential if you want to face any problem.

2.    Think!

Next, stop everything and reflect. Freeze yourself in one peaceful moment, and then think. Contemplate over the following questions:

  • Why am I bothered?
  • What’s my problem?
  • What would the ideal outcome be for me?
  • What’s my goal?

Now this might take time. An hour, a day, a week. Take all the time you need. You’ll be better off at the end of the tunnel. But think about the questions and find complete answer to them. Remember, Batman can fight every single member of the Justice League because he has thought a lot, and, as we mention in the next point, planned!

3.    Plan

After you’ve thought and mused and discussed and done all the mental work. It’s time to do the planning. You can’t even take an exam without proper planning. So plan properly. And plan in peace. Planning in the heat of an argument or in the face of a problem will only cause more problems. Think about one perfect plan; one where you get all you want. Then think of a backup if things go south. Otherwise, you’re going to feel that your fight is do or die!

4.    Unto the breach!

Now that you’ve planned your actions and reactions, it’s time to go out there and be done with those problems. Execute your plan and execute your problems. If things seem to go wrong, switch to your plan B.

Believe in yourself, stay calm, and remember to take a break if things seem too heavy. Good luck!

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