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How to identify if your partner is cheating?


How to identify if your partner is cheating? It’s not an easy question. Some answers might be accurate, but not applicable to all. But I will still share every sign that I think is for cheating.

  • Lack of time. This is the most obvious sign that we all can recognize. Lack of time is the number one signs of cheating. It is when your partner prioritizes other things rather than you. If your partner has a work or has a valid reason to be busy…. Then that’s understandable… But when you know that your partner can give time if he/she wanted to, then there’s a chance that your partner cheats on you. If you really want to tell if your partner is cheating, this sign is not enough to pinpoint the reality. You must learn all the signs.
  • You feel no spark at all. What I mean here is when you feel that your partner doesn’t have that spark at you at all. When I say spark, I don’t mean electric spark or something like that… It’s a feeling similar to the excitement… You can still ask your partner directly for  the reason… Again if it’s a valid reason.. Then you’re good. If it’s not, then there’s a chance that your partner’s no longer into you.
  • Your partner suddenly needs privacy. You know that feeling when your partner builds an invisible wall between you? That’s a very obvious sign my dear… When your partner suddenly changes it’s phones password or pin, your partner obviously was hiding something… Again, it’s not applicable to everyone… You might still need to ask your partner directly of the reason for his/her actions… You’re the one to judge if it’s real or not.
  • And the last, your partner doesn’t tell his/her destination. Or obviously faking it. If you see the signs above and your partner doesn’t tell his/destination. Your partner might be going somewhere… The chance that your partner’s cheating is very high. You might need to investigate it thoroughly.


It’s hard to identify if our partner is cheating, if you encounter these four signs… Then your partner’s most likely cheating. But I have to remind you that this is not applicable to everyone… If you’re new in a relationship.. Then always consider these four signs… If you have a lot of experience in a relationship, then I can assure you that you can tell if your partner is cheating for you’re the only one who knows your partner well. There’s still more signs of cheating that you can encounter, but these four is the common signs you can see. If you know any other signs, tell us by leaving a comment bellow. Let us learn from you as well! Thanks for reading! Share to your friends!


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