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How to Station Fake Video Stunts—With Science!

I am hoping you already know you ought to not imagine each crazy-awesome thing you gawk on the internet; there’s a lot of fake stuff available. Nonetheless don’t fear, it’s that you can imagine to train physics and video analysis to gawk what’s real and what’s not.

In this case, some guys tweeted out this cold-looking soccer trick: One dude kicks a ball toward a wall that has an outline of a soccer goal on it, with two holes in the upper corners. At the same time, another guy tosses a ball from the aspect, and when the balls collide, they ricochet into the holes adore billiard balls. It appears magical. Alas, it is fake. In case you see carefully, you can gawk a cloud make a unusual transfer, indicating a video edit (as spotted in an observant tweet).

Then again it’s extra than honest glitchy clouds. This soccer trick also breaks some physics principles. Really, this is the enjoyable part—using some fundamental ideas to reveal that the video is fake.

Illegal Motion

I’m going to start with the ball that’s tossed from the the aspect. I can easily measure the motion of this one because it’s moving across the camera’s sight view. Using the Tracker video analysis tool, I can mark the horizontal and vertical location of the ball in each frame of the video. Also, by looking at the frame rate, I can put a time stamp on those coordinates.

With that, I get the following characteristic of horizontal space vs. time for the tossed ball:

The main thing to gawk here is that the data is linear. This means the ball strikes in the horizontal path with a constant accelerate (which is the slope of the line). I get –6.844 m/s (about 15.3 mph). Is that OK? Effectively, ought to you throw a ball, there’s greatest one power acting on it after it leaves your hand (assuming it is going gradual satisfactory to ignore air resistance), and that is gravity. Since the gravitational power pulls greatest in the downward path, it would not affect horizontal accelerate. And not using a horizontal forces, there’s no change in horizontal motion. So this exams out.

What about the vertical motion? The downward-pulling gravitational power relies on the mass of the thing as successfully as the local gravitational area (g=9.8 newtons per kilogram). Since the vertical accelerationalsorelies on the mass, free-falling objects will all transfer with the same acceleration—no matter what the mass. This vertical acceleration has a value of –9.8 m/s2. Now, how carry out you measure the acceleration of a soccer ball from the video? If an object has a constant acceleration, then its space ought to agree with the following kinematic equation:

Illustration: Rhett Allain

If I match a quadratic equation to the space data, I can find the coefficient in front of thet2duration of time. This coefficient ought to be equal to half of the acceleration (if the kinematic equation is apt—and it is). Let’s carry out it. Here’s what I get:

The quadratic match for this data provides at2coefficient of –7.00 m/s2. This means the ball has a vertical acceleration of –14.0 m/s2—instead of –9.8 m/s2adore normal objects on the surface of the Earth. Certain, there can be some error in these kinds of calculations, but this one appears too excessive to be a mistake. I suspect it is a real ball, but its motion was played back at a larger accelerate so it may see adore it is meeting up with the kicked ball at the honest place.

Crash Path on Collisions

Nonetheless wait! There is extra. What about that collision? When the 2 balls interact, there’s a power pushing them apart. Because of the nature of forces, this power pushes with an equal magnitude (but reverse path) on the 2 balls. So, the kicked ball pushes on the tossed ball, and the tossed ball pushes back on the kicked ball. Since forces change the momentum of an object, the 2 balls have equal but reverse changes in momentum. Oh, momentum (p) is the made of mass and accelerate. Treasure this:

Illustration: Rhett Allain

There is another frequent way to think about momentum with collisions: The change in momentum of the kicked ball is reverse that of the tossed ball. Here is the same as saying the total change in momentum is zero. Thus the total momentum (for each balls) sooner than the collision wants to be the total momentum after the collision. Certain, momentum is a vector—it has ingredients in all three dimensions. Nonetheless, we can take into account honest one path at a time to make things less complicated. Let’s have a look at at the momentum of the balls in the horizontal path (the path the tossed ball is moving).

Let’s start with an example using some easy numbers for momentum, honest so we can gawk whatought tohappen. Deliver the tossed ball is moving in the negative-xpath with an initial momentum of –10 kg×m/s (dart, that’s the legal units for momentum). After the collision, say it bounces back with a momentum of +5 kg×m/s. In inform to preserve momentum, the kicked ball must recoil with a momentum of –15 kg×m/s (since –15 + 5=–10, honest adore sooner than the collision).

Nonetheless wait! There is something else to take into account in a collision—kinetic vitality. Kinetic vitality also relies on mass and accelerate, honest adore the momentum. Nonetheless, kinetic vitality is a scalar quantity. It can be calculated as:

Be aware that since the accelerate is squared (and mass can’t be negative), you can greatest have dart kinetic vitality. In case you spend the same example as above and calculate the kinetic vitality sooner than the collision, you get 250 joules. After the collision, the 2 balls have 625 joules. Certain, they increased in kinetic vitality. That is indeed that you can imagine, but it absolutely would probably mean there was some kind of explosion between the 2 balls to increase their vitality. Exploding soccer balls are bad.

Nonetheless what if each the momentum and the kinetic vitality are conserved? In that case, there’s greatest one thing that can happen if the collision is in one dimension (and the 2 objects have the same mass). Here, I’m going to reveal you with these carts that have repelling magnets on them.

Video: Rhett Allain

Certain. The cart that was moving stops, and utterly different cart strikes. Nonetheless what does this have to carry out with the soccer balls? Effectively, I assume that they have the same mass and that the kicked ball starts off with a zero accelerate in the horizontal path (shut to it). That means that after the 2 balls collide, the appropriate way for them to amble in reverse directions is for there to be something adore an explosion.

Nonetheless let’s test anyway. Using the same video analysis from sooner than, after the collision the tossed ball has a horizontal accelerate of 9.95 m/s. The after-collision horizontal accelerate of the kicked ball is measured at –4.68 m/s. If each balls have a mass of 400 grams (around official mass), then the horizontal momentum sooner than the collision would be –2.74 kg×m/s. After the collision, the horizontal momentum would be 2.11 kg*m/s. These values aren’t even shut. Momentum is not conserved. Or not it is a fake kick.

Why This Is So Improbable

OK, so this video is fake—but is a stunt adore this actually that you can imagine? Certain, but it absolutely’s extremely unlikely. To reveal why, I’m going to construct a small model of colliding balls. The main here is to train springs. Oh, not real ones. Nonetheless when two balls collide, they squish together. This compression is honest adore a spring power pushing them apart. The honest information is that spring forces are fairly easy to model—even for a computer. Here’s a diagram showing what those forces would see adore:

Illustration: Rhett Allain

As you can gawk, when the balls hit, there are two forces pushing them apart. These forces have the same magnitude but in reverse directions. Now I’m going to put this into a numerical model using Python. Also, since it is a numerical model, I can carry out something cold: I can actually havetwokicked balls and two tossed balls. Each sets of balls have almost identical initial circumstances—almost. I’m going to let one in every of the kicked balls have a very just a small utterly different kicked angle. Let’s honest watch and gawk what happens. Oh, here is the code ought to you want to play with it.

Video: Rhett Allain

Be aware that with a just a small utterly different launch angle, you get a very utterly different end result. Small changes make a grand dissimilarity even as you happen to’re looking at these kind of collisions—clearly you already know that ought to you have ever played pool. Or not it is really challenging to make a ball collide and amble exactly the place you want.

Now imagine you are trying to get not honest the kicked ball to jump into the target hole but also have the tossed ball mediate honest honest. The kick has to be ideally suited, down to a stage of precision that’s honest not humanly probably. Theoretically, it’s not not attainable; but practically speaking? It’s not attainable.

OK, there’s a lot of stuff here. Let me honest review the most important points:

  • The video is fake. You can relate because they made a mistake editing the cloud motions.
  • The video is fake. The motion of the tossed ball has the nefarious vertical acceleration.
  • The video is fake. Momentum is not conserved in the horizontal path after the impact of the balls.
  • The video is probably fake. Although it is that you can imagine to hit the ball honest honest, any small tiny deviation would give a utterly different end result.
  • Even though the video is fake, it is mild a nice example of physics.

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