We’re peaceful waiting for Windows to make veil captures this easy.

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Screenshots—or captures of whatever is showing on your veil—allow you to easily save or share information. And on a Chromebook, grabbing them is fairly straightforward, so long as you already know the honest keyboard shortcuts.

Knowing the factual keystrokes may be the most sophisticated part for folks traditional to MacOS and even Windows, as ChromeOS doesn’t attempt to mimic those operating systems for an easier transition. Instead, you’ll want to learn this recent place of abode of keyboard commands.

How to screenshot all of your veil PCWorld

The exact positions of these keys on your Chromebook may be various.

To capture everything you search for on your veil, press Ctrl + the Display Windows key on a Chromebook with a keyboard. The latter key seems to be savor three rectangles layered in a staggered formation.

For tablets, press the Energy + Quantity Down buttons.

How to screenshot part of your veil PCWorld

The exact positions of these keys on your Chromebook may be various.

In expose to grab only part of your veil (savor in case you only want a single window to point to or maintain sensitive information from being captured), press Shift + Ctrl + the Display Windows key. (That last key seems to be savor three rectangles stacked offset.) Then click on the veil along with your mouse at the fringe of the area you want to capture and drag it unless the field contains everything you want to capture.

How to access advanced screenshot featuresToo hard to bear in mind all the various keyboard shortcuts? Memorize this lone place of abode of keystrokes then: Shift + Ctrl + Display Windows. It’s the same combo as for a partial screenshot, but in the latest versions of ChromeOS, you can both click on the veil to begin taking a partial screenshot, or click on the icons in the menu bar that appears. These buttons allow you to win out between paunchy-veil, partial-veil, and window-enlighten screenshots. You can also begin a veil recording, that will take video of your veil instead of a peaceful image.

On tablets, press and maintain the energy button, then eradicate Display Capture.

How to find the location of your saved screenshots PCWorld

Screenshots are saved in the Downloads folder. You can access it thru the Information app, then clicking in the left-hand menu on Downloads.

ChromeOS saves all screenshots to the Downloads folder. You can navigate there by clicking on the Launcher icon (a gray circle usually found in the bottom left corner of the veil), then clicking on the Up arrow on the partial menu that appears. Originate Information, then eradicate Downloads on the left-hand facet of the veil.

How to upload your screenshots to Google Force PCWorld

To replica files out of your Downloads folder to your Google Force, simply highlight them in Downloads, then drag them to the Google Force link in the left-hand menu.

By default, your Chromebook saves screenshots to its Downloads folder—which is never automatically backed up to your Google account. It’s a ought to to manually upload them to access the files on other gadgets.

To upload to Google Force, launch the Information app, then the Downloads folder. Retract the files you want to back up, then drag them to your Google Force folder in the left-hand navigation bar. They’ll automatically replica over. Alternatively, you can highlight the files, tap Ctrl + C on your keyboard to replica the files, then eradicate your Google Force folder and paste them into that location.

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