Ice-T explains the main thing he hates about DOOM Eternal
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Ice-T explains the main thing he hates about DOOM Eternal


— ICE T (@FINALLEVEL) March 20, 2020

Refining the fundamentals of their 2016 reboot, the developers at id Software seemingly knocked it out of the park once again as Eternal launched to mighty fanfare and critical acclaim. Fans of the series especially have loved it so far.

Whereas the gameplay pays homage to the 1993 classic, harkening back to raw FPS mechanics and traipse, no longer everyone appears to be like to be on board with the faded college really feel. In particular, Ice-T pinpointed “jumping” in DOOM Eternal as his least favorite feature.

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“DOOM Eternal, I’m enjoying the game…BUT! I HATE all the f**king jumping,” he explained in a March 21 tweet. “I had that get that out.”

Gamer Stuff: DOOM ETERNAL.. I’m enjoying the game.. BUT! I HATE all the Fn jumping!!!!! I had that get that out….

— ICE T (@FINALLEVEL) March 22, 2020

The fast-paced action and relentless enemies be certain that that players are always on the transfer in DOOM Eternal. Pushing via hordes of demons is intertwined with segments of gameplay focused totally on traversal and exploration. 

As Ice-T explained ahead of jumping into his 2d take a seat down with the game, players fair “can’t stand calm. It’s virtual cardio.”

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Although the rapper can be somewhat miffed about the jumping mechanics in DOOM Eternal, that appears to be his handiest major gripe for the time being. In fact, he’s already jumped back into the title to scrutinize things via to the finish.

Gamer Stuff: Bout to straggle back in on my 2nd session of DOOM ETERNAL… 4hrs yesterday… You can’t stand STILL in this game!! It’s virtual cardio! Lol.

— ICE T (@FINALLEVEL) March 21, 2020

For fans of the rapper hoping they’ll be able to tune into Ice-T’s gameplay sessions in the near future, on the alternative hand, things may no longer pan out that way. He currently outlined how he uses gaming as an escape.

“I kinda play games to be alone. Streaming is kinda the reverse of that,” he said, damning any hopes of a Twitch stream. Whereas livestreams may no longer be an possibility, fans can calm sustain together with his ideas via his provocative scorching takes on Twitter.



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