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Inequality: The difference between rich and poor

There is something wrong within our society, various things tend to be equal for everyone, but since every aspect has inequalities, we will be briefing one category of inequality, and it’s the difference between rich and poor. We all know that the difference between the two is large, so let’s talk about the first “how the treatment goes for the rich”. When we say rich it means they have a Lamborghini, mansions and also have plenty of money. They have the authority to make the lower beings suffer, I’m not saying that all of them, but, most of them do this to show that they have the upper hand. So here are following circumstances which are really happening around us:

  1. Rich equals Priority – this is common in some places like restaurants, rich people tend to care by the staffs while, the poor people are being ignored. So where is the justice?
  2. When you’re poor, your ignored – When it comes to other countries poor people are just a nuisance in the society while, the rich people are being idolized by those ignorant who doesn’t know how to give grace to those who don’t have.
  3. Rich equals fame – When you’re rich you get everything you want, good food, good clothes and good home to stay. You are well-known being, there is a huge space between you and the others.
  4. Poor equals less education – when you’re poor you can’t a get good education due to lacking of financial while, when you’re rich you can go to every school you want to.
  5. Poorer, less job – This is may also be counted as inequality, because of not having a good education you can’t also get a job, that means you’re unqualified to get the position you desire.
  6. Rich is the rule – Lastly, when you’re rich that means you have the power to run everything through your hands, even the politicians and the poor people will be your slaves of your inhuman acts.

We have the same right, we have the power to say what we want. Let them hear our voice, the voice of those who have nothing. We must do what we must or unless we won’t get what we desire. Advice from Informassive we, the poor must keep on going. There’s no such thing as impossible for us, we can make it better, live the life we want, we shouldn’t be scared of the struggles, because struggle is part of success. Success that where we want to be. That’s all Kudos. Glory to the God.

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