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Inequality: Discrimination in Race

Racial Discrimination and Inequality: Discrimination in Race

Our life starts when we get born eventually, our parents cherish us just like a precious gem, shining brightly with a sparkling light, they don’t let ourselves get in danger. The son and daughter they’d value starts to grow, we started going to school, we even start playing outside. But, the worst thing scenario came, you went home crying out loud, you were teased by someone. They say harsh words that ripped your heart apart and the racial discrimination continue until the present time.

Discrimination engulfs the nation, where everyone is living in a birds eye-view population, you were threatened differently, they look down on you, they make fun of you, you don’t know the reason? Well the reason is, your race. Based on your skin color and other physical characteristics comes with different place of origin and culture, it’s the reason why you’re threatened differently. Having such characteristics makes you an alien without knowing anything.

Discrimination is just one the reasons why people commit suicide, and ending their life is the only reason for them to suffer no more pain. Discrimination happens in all countries, but the most racist of them are; USA, Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia, UK and more countries including; Israel, South Africa, Australia, Rwanda, Russia, Pakistan and India.

At some point, people having different races are the ones who make friendships longer, it is because they are used by the society they lived so the tendency is they try to do make friends with someone which is different than their same neighborhood. Take time to think, take time to know the person before you judge, take time to feel how they feel. We, you, him, her, whatever your race is, whether you’re white or black, fat or skinny we all have the feelings getting hurt, even if it’s a joke.


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