IOC President Thomas Bach Says Olympic Cancellation Is “Now not on the Agenda”
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IOC President Thomas Bach Says Olympic Cancellation Is “Now not on the Agenda”

Thomas Bach defended his organization’s handling of a resolution regarding the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in an interview with a German newspaper on Saturday.

The 66-year archaic, who’s at point to quarantined in his dwelling office in Lausanne, Switzerland on Lake Geneva, Bach acknowledged that there have been “no ideal solutions” to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and its impact upon athletes’ preparations for the Olympic Games.

Bach, a 1976 Olympic gold medalist in fencing for West Germany, has trip with Olympic conflicts: he was due to compete at the 1980 Olympic Games, which West Germany boycotted along with several other nations, including the United States.

Bach emphatically said that “A cancellation just isn’t very on the agenda.”

“Such a denial can be the least fair solution,” Bach said of the resolution. “The cancellation would assassinate the Olympic dream of 11,000 athletes from 206 National Olympic Committees and the IOC refugee team. You cannot postpone Olympic Games savor a soccer game to subsequent Saturday. Here’s a very advanced business, where you can only act responsibly in case you have reliable and clear bases for resolution-making, and we monitor this each day, 24 hours a day.”

Bach’s plea was for extra time and patience for the IOC to make the most straightforward resolution.

“We have to concentrate on finding a reliable basis for resolution-making.”

Among the complications with postponement is that the housing that makes up the latest athletes’ village has already been sold. 4,000 units will probably be sold as condos, and another 1,600 will probably be rented. With 11,000 athletes, coaches, and officials descending upon town, finding space to apartment them with out the village is a major complication. Programs savor these that push to repurpose Olympic venues and facilities are a large part of the growing sustainability programs as the Games have turn into a financial anchor around the neck of latest host cities.

For reference, average sales prices per square foot of a Tokyo apartment in 2019 was about $7,800. That’s about 5 times the rate in Manhattan, the United States’ priciest market.

This led Bach to ponder a potential alteration of the imaginative and prescient of a postponed Olympic Games, and how to manage this and other conflicts that would arise.

Bach says that he’s working on a solution to the situation. That, in-and-of-itself, is the strongest indication yet from inside the IOC’s leadership that a postponement is a real risk. To date, the IOC’s messaging has been entirely around sending the Games off in July as scheduled, with only a few contributors to the race dissenting.

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