Jan Blachowicz doesn’t buy Jon Jones vacating the title or retiring: ‘I think he’s just playing games’
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Jan Blachowicz doesn’t buy Jon Jones vacating the title or retiring: ‘I think he’s just playing games’

After knocking out Corey Anderson back in February, Jan Blachowicz felt adore it was finest a matter of time before he had a contract with Jon Jones’ name on the varied finish of it.

Now four months later, the Polish contender is calm waiting on word about his next combat with the last few days spent watching Jones engage in a public spat with the UFC regarding cash and his overall value to the company.

The heated exchanges between Jones and UFC President Dana White eventually led to the reigning gentle heavyweight champion declaring that he would vacate his title and walk away from the game. Jones even went as far as to counsel that Blachowicz and Dominick Reyes compete for a vacant title in his absence.

For all the anger and rancor shared between Jones and the UFC in recent days, Blachowicz isn’t convinced that this can actually lead to a original champion being topped.

“I’m apt a dinky bit bored with this situation,” Blachowicz told MMA Fighting on Tuesday. “I’m apt waiting. He’s no longer quitting. He’s no longer going to retire. I think that is his game to make more cash and that is it. However we are able to see what the UFC will achieve. I’m apt waiting for the UFC strikes and that’s it. We’ll be able to see.

“If he quits, then I’m hoping my next combat will probably be for the title against Dominick Reyes. Here’s my next scenario if he quits nonetheless I don’t judge that. I’m calm waiting for him.”

Blachowicz gained’t fault Jones for trying to procure a greater payday for a potential combat against heavyweight boogeyman Francis Ngannou, nonetheless he’s also aware that this total mud up is doubtless a negotiating tactic.

“All americans wants gigantic cash,” Blachowicz said. “I understand that. We achieve this for cash and for enjoyable, also. It’s a job nonetheless each person who’s doing this loves doing this. However you also want to make gigantic cash on this business. I understand everything that they achieve.

“I think he’s apt playing games. He wants to make greater cash and I don’t judge he will quit. However if he quits, Dominick Reyes is also a excellent opponent for me.”

While he would considerable rather transform the primary person to hand Jones a legitimate loss, Blachowicz isn’t going to scoff at a combat with Reyes so lengthy as there may be gold on the line.

“In fact. If the combat is going to be for the title, I’m originate for this,” Blachowicz said about fighting Reyes. “It’s also going to be a appropriate combat. My next combat will probably be for the title. I don’t know against who. I don’t know when, nonetheless my next combat will probably be for the title.

“It’s a mess. I’m apt waiting to see what the UFC is going to achieve about this total situation. I’ve gotten all my emails, my next combat will probably be for the title and I’m apt waiting for the date when the authorities opens the borders and I can be in the U.S. the subsequent day when they originate the borders. So I’m apt waiting for what’s going to happen next.”

The finest thing Blachowicz feels distinct of is that a UFC gentle heavyweight championship combat is in his immediate future. He actually believes Jones will probably be his opponent nonetheless if the title is actually vacated, then Blachowicz will transfer onto the subsequent challenger in line.

“I’m bored with all the situation,” Blachowicz said. “I’m bored with waiting nonetheless if I have to wait a dinky bit longer, then OK. I understand how to continue to exist this couple of months of waiting.

“However I judge they are going to no longer make the rematch between [Jones and Reyes]. I judge I’m going to be the subsequent opponent for Jon Jones or Dominick for the title.”



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