Mental Health: It isn’t the end of the world. Reach out!

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The only place in the entire universe where the mind is truly without bounds, and one’s abilities are undeniably limitless, is the realm of one’s imagination. Where the fastest medium present in the world would, in reality, take almost a day to reach the other side of the world, the mind can do that in a measure of time so infinitesimal, its value is still unknown.

And such a power is virtually endless as all you need to do is imagine. And the gift of imagination is enjoyed unanimously by billions across the globe.

This incessant power and one’s requirement of one’s mind is one of the many reasons why a problem up there can cause enormous hurdles in every aspect of your life. What’s even scarier is that very few people actually are aware when they are suffering from such a problem, and an even fewer decide to go ahead and seek help. The reason behind this apparent shyness is the stigma associated with conditions pertaining to the upper chamber, and the tethered shame people feel about it.

Which is why, here is our most important and essential piece of advice to everyone. Man, woman, child alike. And it’s the same reason why our advice is what it is:


While dealing with such an immense hit to one’s confidence, it is understandable that one feels embarrassed or at a loss. It’s human tendency to fall down and that’s how one learns to rise. What needs to be remembered is that you need your friends, family, and loved ones even more in times of such crisis.

Mental health is an issue that haunts cities, towns, and villages alike and the sadder truth is that very few are equipped to deal with it. The services of a psychologist are considered to be for the mentally insane by many. And sometimes, for those with a mind open enough to accept these services, it is majorly inaccessible due to financial bars. The picture here looks sorrowful and bleak but what’s important to remember is that one needs to have faith, hope, confidence, and belief in those one loves.

The brighter side of the picture is equally and oppositely cheerful. The knowledge of these affairs is steadily advancing, especially with the far-reaching expanse of the internet and the rapidly increasing social media indulgence.

Furthermore, almost every educational institution with the inclusion of schools & colleges, now has a psychological counsellor, should the need and occasion arise.

We need to rise up to the occasion if it ever hits us. Remember, the future is known to no one. But there are often fulminant events in life, totally unpredicted, which are beyond our control, but which show how very much adventurous life is, and actually portray our vitality. We must live up to our full potential, laugh, love, be happy, and when we depart, bid adieu to this transient world with a happy and content heart.

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