OnePlus launches doorstep provider initiative for customers in India
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OnePlus launches doorstep provider initiative for customers in India

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OnePlus is undertaking a fresh after-sales provider initiative. The company will now provide doorstep provider and repair for customers in India. So even as you happen to have a subject with your OnePlus phone, you can now have a company engineer talk over with your individual house and repair your instrument for you.

In a press release shared withAndroid Authority, the company notes that it ran a six month pilot for its doorstep repair provider earlier than making it official. It’s far now available across Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune.

Moving forward, OnePlus’ doorstep care provider can be expanded to all tier-1 and several tier-2 cities in India.

How to apply for OnePlus doorstep provider in India?

To get your OnePlus instrument fastened at house, you are going to want to apply for the provider using the OnePlus Care app. Right here, you can engage a handy time slot for a OnePlus engineer to talk over with your address.

In addition to doorstep repairs and provider, OnePlus also affords a free take-up and tumble-off provider for OnePlus devices.

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OnePlus says it’s the handiest global brand to provide an on-place of dwelling doorstep repair provider. On the other hand, brands savor Xiaomi and Realme also provide a similar provider in India. They may not repair your instrument at your individual house, but both brands have a take-up and tumble-off facility for provider and repairs.

The advantages of getting your phone serviced in entrance of you are fairly obvious. You get to peek exactly what you’re being charged for. You can also be assured that your data is acquire and not being misused or copied. What remains to be viewed is how smartly OnePlus maintains its doorstep provider standards and in the event that they’ll actually repair telephones at house instead of deferring them to a provider center.