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People destroying people

People Destroying People: We have different experiences about being underestimated by someone, someone who don’t even want us to live, someone who don’t even want us to see, someone that who have many reasons against you. So, why is this happening in our society, in our surroundings, and in our daily lives, there is no such specific reason why people do this. They feel complete if they have done certain things that makes you feel bad to others. They talk dirty to you when you’re not facing them, but they talk sugarcoated words when you’re with them. They spread bad rumors about you, telling your traumatic past about others and humiliate you in front of many people. They will also trick you just to fulfill what they want to gain from you, they would even take advantage against your weaknesses.

We, people, are the worst thing that God ever created, most of us know how to respect, value one another, and to care for the others, while most of the remaining are; selfish, self-centered, egoistic, arrogant, self-righteous, greedy, judgmental, and lastly, unethical. We don’t know how to value things around us, we don’t know how to embrace the aspect of life in which the God gave us.

Make your life better, don’t be bothered by those who want to destroy the happiness in your life. God gave us this life, only the almighty God can say whether what you do is right or wrong.

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