Philips says lights out for the original Hue Bridge as of April 30
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Philips says lights out for the original Hue Bridge as of April 30

If you happen to’re peaceful running the original Hue Bridge (the non-HomeKit-compatible round model), functionality will probably be restricted after April 30. If your bridge is square, then you have the v2 and are unaffected – at least, for now …

The company tweeted the information.

After April 2020 no software updates will probably be made available for the Hue Bridge v1 and compatibility with our online products and services will probably be terminated at that time. The Hue Bridge v1 can peaceful be managed locally via the dedicated Philips Hue Bridge v1 app.

This means you’ll peaceful have elephantine management from inside the home, but distant functionality will cease. Of potentially greater situation, no safety updates will probably be issued either.

Philips told CNETthe reason for right here is that the four-year-conventional hardware is never any longer extremely efficient satisfactory to withhold up with traits.

The Philips Hue team retains working hard to enable sleek capabilities. The Hue bridge v1 no longer has the resources to guarantee the evolution of the system — from compatibility and quality, to pace and safety — thus we determined to finish the purple meat up for it.

The company appears to be like to have managed to annoy owners of v1 and v2 bridges alike. Homeowners of the original one want to know why functionality they currently ride is being taken away.

I can fairly much accept the no further software building if the hardware is conventional and building wants to concentrate on more contemporary hardware, but why the breaking of the online products and services? It is far working now, this can work in May and past in the event you let it.

— Tony K (@SwelterTheChef) March 6, 2020

Whereas v2 owners want to know after they’re going to be next.

I have a v2, and read this with some situation. what is the scheduled finish of existence for the v2?
why enact you terminate online products and services. to save you money or for a valid reason?

— Mark Liversedge (@liversedge) March 6, 2020

Philips is doing its greatest to reassure of us that the v2 will probably be around for a very lengthy time yet.

There is currently no scheduled finish of existence for the V2 bridge, and we’re no longer working on a sleek bridge at the moment either so will continue working with the V2 […]

We have designed the Bridge V2 to be future proof. We actually determined to eventually discontinue further software updates and online products and services for the Hue Bridge v1, in relate to deal with supporting our Hue Bridge v2 ecosystem.

Personally, I can’t wait for the finish of bridges. I have so many of the darned things I had to take a boring swap to provide satisfactory ports and gain a rack to organize them.

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