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Words: Profanity must be Prohibited?

Profanity: We may heard lot of foul languages, crude languages, coarse languages, bad languages, offensive languages and some other verbal abuses. It is called as cursing. But, what is the reason of such man to curse one person? Simple, conflict, misunderstanding, quarrel, arguments, disagreements, and etc. A failure to understand one person can lead to unnecessary discussion such as fights.

In America 64 percent of the population often say the word F*** and 8 percent of the 64 percent said they use it several times a day. But what is wrong in cursing? Does it kill someone? Does it make someone feel bad, Does it make someone feel broke? No! So what are the reasons why we use foul languages? Here are the reasons why

1. We use foul language to show we’re mad.
2. We use verbal abuses because we’re irritated to someone.
3. Because you’re friends use it.
4. It feels you better when you curse someone.
5. And some other reasons which you may feel to explain.

Society accepts reality whether they like it or not, they accept what is around us, follow what they think is right. Every people around the globe uses Profanity. Profanity is a chain reaction which we can’t stop, it is part of our daily living. Well, if I were going to be asked if “Profanity must be prohibited” I wouldn’t say yes because even me uses foul langauge (most of the time). But, I should suggest that we shouldn’t make it as our everyday word. What do I mean here? I mean we should make a right use for it. Don’t let your children hear what your foul mouth says, watch your word don’t let yourself be a bad example for them they look up right to you. Guidance is the only thing you can give to your children. Take this as a piece of advice.

There is one thing we need to remember Profanity is equal to Bad Integrity. Kudos~

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