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Redskins Draft Preview on The MMQB

If the Skins aren’t sold on Haskins, Tua can be value a shot. Injury history… who knows? Definitely a field, especially with the skins wretched line and squawk keeping healthy. Serene franchise QBs are hard to come by and if it wasn’t for Tua’s injury, his value wouldn’t be questioned… so ???

TE and CB certainly are wants. So, is WR, LB, DE, G, C, RB and both Tackles. With that said, LT is clearly the primary want, unless the skins are no longer sold on Haskins, in which case it’s QB.

If the skins aren’t sold on Haskins they ought to aloof disappear QB or Younger, depending on how they evaluate Tua. In the event that they want to give Haskins a shot at pattern, they ought to aloof definitely trade down and attempt to fix the line. Or, trade down to 5 and disappear after a QB and OL.

IMO, give Haskins a chance and trade down, if likely twice, and make a killer O-Line. Ideally, draft 2 tackles in the primary and in the event that they manage to a finagle a 2nd, draft G or C and then a TE in the 3rd. Really invest in bringing back the Hogs. This can be the fastest way to rebuild for the speedy and long interval of time.



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