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Reduce Stress: Three Quick Things To Do To Reduce Stress

Are you tired from working? Is there too much pressure to take? Are there times where you can’t control your brain? Your thinking? Do you experience headaches while thinking and a lot of stuff simultaneously? Well, you’re just stressed. Well this happens normally to everyone especially when you’re working. At first you may feel fine with the schedule, workload and the situation you’re in. But sooner or later you’re no longer in good shape to keep up. Here’s the 3 things I usually do to reduce stress.

  • Do Breathing Exercises – This is the first thing I always did whenever I’m stressed. What you need to do is just inhale and exhale Deeply. Remember to focus only on breathing. Do this for 5 minutes You’ll be back in shape. The only hardest thing to do in this exercise is to focus on breathing. However, if you regularly do this breathing exercise, It’ll be easy for you to focus on breathing.
  • Listen to Music – Listening to music can reduce stress. Music has an amazing effect to our minds, especially classical music. There’s also a lot of relaxing instrumental music you can play in youtube. For me the best thing to do is to listening to a relaxing instrumental music while doing breathing exercises.
  • Go For a Little Walk – This is what I usually do when I still feel a negative energy in my surrounding. Nothing beats the smell of fresh air. I’ll go for a little walk and forget everything. If breathing exercise and listening to music doesn’t work you, go out and experience life, focus on your surrounding and absorb positive energy from our nature.

That’s the 3 things I usually do to relieve my stress. How about you? Leave a comment and share!

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