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The Right Way to Love – Informassive | Relationships

Right Way to Love : Best Practices before starting a relationship.

We are always being ask “What is love?” So for you what is love? For me love is a Four letter word where human gets hurt, they feel happy, they feel sad, they feel mad, they feel in-love, they feel ironic, they feel busted, they feel complete, they feel incomplete, and more. But, There is a question that runs through my mind. The Question is “What is the right way to love?”

“I’m scared to love before i start loving someone, because i think the consequence of loving someone that might end up in being busted” said by my old neighbor and friend.

“Love can be manage easily you just nedd to be careful of what might happen next in your Romeo & Juliet love story” my bestfriend said.

So what should we do? Here are the rules and right ways for you to avoid broken heart.

  • Do not Commit – Do not commit all of your love to your partner, being committed isn’t mean that you’re getting hurt. There is a quote saying “Save some love for yourself before giving the remaining love to others” so you’d better love yourself first before loving your partner.
  • Do not Trust – The same as the first one, do not give all your trust. High expectations might get you in trouble.
  • Avoid Temptations – Don’t be such a F’boy and F’girl your old enough to know the difference between good or bad.
  • Be Faithful – The same as the third one, being faithful is not a hard thing to do. you’ll just gonna love and trust your partner to have a good working relationship.
  • Abstain – If you really love your partner don’t rush things (you know what i mean here) when you get married someday you’ll gonna get what you look and ask for.

You should remember that there are consequence in every thing you do karma takes place for every bad and good move you do. I hope this will help you in your relationship. Love, faith, trust and remember God will always guide. Kudos

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