RUMOR: E3 2020 being cancelled
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RUMOR: E3 2020 being cancelled

There has been a lot of debate as to whether E3 2020 is going to continue as planned, or get scrapped due to the coronavirus. We’re hearing that a determination has been made, and E3 2020 is indeed going to be cancelled. Whereas we develop no longer have official confirmation but, we accomplish have this tweet from Devolver Digital.

Cancel your E3 flights and hotels, y’all.

— Devolver Digital (@devolverdigital) March 11, 2020

That certainly makes it appear like E3 2020 is no more, but we will update this post with an official confirmation/denial when one becomes available.

Thanks toDondom95for the heads up!

Nintendo State will silent happen although.

E3 ought to all be digital. Maybe a VR expo.

OH NO! Devolver Digital said their briefing stuffed with humor and satire shall be no more because E3 may perhaps br no more! How are Nintendo and Xbox Game Studios supposed to announce the ample stuff each year if right here’s apt?!

Curse that disease outbreak, among other things, for causing the tip of the sector (or getting usreallyshut to it)!

It’s no humorous story, as much as I want it to be. Now no longer solely has it delayed the Turbografx Mini and tons of accessories, but there’s a ample danger they may delay the PS5/XSX/Swap models/LEs this year too. Unless it dies down in a month like I am hoping, it may perhaps critically screw stuff up. Maybe even the olympics.

Given that the Corona virus is a wintry/flu kind thing, it’d be surprising if it is silent a widespread thing in June.

Right here’s crazy. In all my years, I’ve never viewed so much stuff in the sector fair…shut down like this. If things back going the way they’re going, everyone on the planet shall be told to fair stay in their homes and avoid any and all human contact.

…Howdy, on second opinion, maybe there’s an upside to all this!

China’s pollution had a dramatic decrease in the last two months.

Kojima is a mad man. He did it again. He predicted this. Right here’s Death Stranding.

RuPauls Drag Con: I am gonna upset a lot of of us by cancelling our summer season tournament.

E3: back my beer.

Concerning the gaming world solely, right here’s sad news, but I am more vexed about titles and hardware being postponed.

Time for Nintendo to near up with it is hat trick: Pikmin 4, Metroid Trilogy, and so on. They are saving their releases for situations like that.

Yeah, concerning the gaming landscape, this may perhaps affect certain studios. With out a venue to relate themselves it is far going to be harder for the smaller games to get much coverage.

In regards to hardware I think they’ll release it, but will probably face scarcity (and the resellers will near out).

Nintendo doesn’t always accomplish the evident, so I develop no longer know if they’ll take the alternative to decrease their losses if next gen is getting delayed.

There’ll silent be a State, and maybe even Treehouse Live. They’ve done Treehouse out of doorways E3 prior to, such as the Swap janurary presentation.



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