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Samsung Galaxy Present 20: Everything We Know So Far

The Galaxy Present 20 range has, arguably, the most passionate smartphone fans in the arena. So whereas Samsung’s all-modern Galaxy S20, S20+ and really bonkers Galaxy S20 Ultra (details) are grabbing all the headlines lawful now, Present fans know they need to wait. And now the first Galaxy Present 20 leaks have arrived, waiting makes a lot of sense. That is why. 

Tip: this article will probably be regularly updated, so bookmark it (Updated 03/19 beneath)

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Samsung Galaxy Present 20 plan

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Vs Galaxy S20+ Vs Galaxy S20 Ultra: What’s The Incompatibility?

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Codename– the Galaxy Present 20 is codenamed “Mission Canvas’ and here is a expansive spoiler. Whereas the Present range’s S Pen has already been great for taking notes (and stunning moral at drawing), this specificity of the codename strongly suggests a expansive upgrade in 2020. Popular leaker Ice Universe has already revealed “modern features” are coming, nonetheless ask this to be in each hardware and software. The Present range will swap to the same ‘20’ branding as the S series (which had a massive camera overall to mark this modern beginning) and for the Galaxy Present 20 it’s the S Pen getting the expansive makeover. 

03/15 Update: prolific leaker Max Weinbach (who beforehand uncovered each inch of the Galaxy S20 line-up) has said that he understands there will probably be two Galaxy Present 20 devices, nonetheless they mayrangefrom the 2019 Present 10 and Present 10+ approach with the decrease mannequin using a assorted chip to the top class Snapdragon 865. This may be a significant change of strategy for Samsung and one that may muddy the water, given the company handiest lately released aGalaxy Present 10 Lite. That said, it also begs the interrogate whether Samsung’s flagship Present 20 will probably be a monster admire the Galaxy S20 Ultra. After all, if there are handiest two devices, Samsung has to figure out how to distribute the specs of the three Galaxy S20 phones without beneath or overcooking the performance and prices. Furthermore, if Samsung doesn’t match the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s 108MP, 100x zoom onto a least one Galaxy Present 20, I think Present fans will probably be exasperated.

Design– The Galaxy Present 20 devices will mimic the Galaxy S20 design which, in turn, stole the centralised gap punch design from the Galaxy Present 10. In consequence, ask the Galaxy Present 20 devices to gaze very similar to the plan renders in this article. 

03/11 Update: acclaimed render artist Understanding Creator has released astunningly detailed modern video of the Galaxy Present 20based on all the leaks so far. It exhibits that we can ask an evolution of the Present 10 design with a lot of influences from the Galaxy S20 line-up, including the almost bezel-less design, shrunken front camera (resulting in a smaller gap punch) and the adoption of the S20’s range’s massive modern camera modules and rectangular mosey. The handiest downside? The renders, in accurately portraying all the leaks so far, also demonstrate the Galaxy Present 20 without a headphone jack. That port is now not coming back. Aside from this, the handiest interrogate is whether or now not any Present 20 mannequin will sport the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s mammoth 108MP primary camera. As it stands, a Present 20 and Present 20+ are anticipated nonetheless it is unknown if an Ultra mannequin will join the ranks or Samsung will distribute the cameras in a utterly different way on the Present series. Watch this space.

Display– here we can get a step-up from the already superlative Galaxy S20 monitors. We all know this thanks to Samsung, which announced its modern enhanced OLED displays have now entered mass manufacturing, meaning Galaxy S20 homeowners correct neglected out. Samsung guarantees decrease energy consumption and decreased blue light in these panels, saying: “Our 5G-optimized OLED display is taking the lead in the 5G era with its crystal clear imagery, distinguished designs, economical energy consumption and increasingly glimpse-protective functionality.” Sorry, S20 homeowners. 

Camera– As Samsung has achieved for several years, the modern Galaxy Present lineup will train the same camera modules as the Galaxy S20 devices. Given the severely buggy launch for this in any other case outstanding hardware, ask updates to the S20 range to mean the Galaxy Present 20 series has a grand smoother arrival out the gate. The handiest interrogate is whether or now not there will probably be a Galaxy Present 20 Ultra to train the crazy 108MP camera in the Galaxy S20 Ultra. 

Galaxy Note 20, Note 20, Note 20 release date, Note 20 price, Note 20 upgrade, Samsung,

Samsung Galaxy Present 20 plan

Waqar Khan

Performance– there have been no Galaxy Present 20 spec leaks yet, nonetheless here is one area where we already know what will happen because it happens each year. The Galaxy Present 20 line-up will get the same Snapdragon 865 / Exynos 990 geographic split (US gets Snapdragon, all people else gets Exynos) as the S20 line-up and 5G as standard. Although Samsung has already confirmed some modern reminiscence upgrades, the expansive interrogate is whether or now not will Samsung add a Galaxy Present 20 Ultra as neatly. 

03/19 Update: Galaxy Present 20 homeowners can gaze forward to another expansive upgrade over the Galaxy S20 range after Samsungconfirmedmass manufacturing has begun of its next-gen eUFS 3.1 storage. Samsung states that it has balllistically fast sequential write speeds of over 1,200MB per 2nd. Samsung says here is a 3x upgrade compared to the eUFS 3.0 reminiscence inside the Galaxy Present 10 and Galaxy S20 ranges. In addition to this, eUFS 3.1 is 60% faster for random read speeds (hitting 100,000 IOPs) and write speeds (70,000 IOPS). eUFS 3.1 will come in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB storage capacities and be available for smartphones in the 2nd half of the year. Certain, that means or now not it is a shoe-in for the Galaxy Present 20.

Connectivity and Ports– As mentioned above, 5G will come as standard (it’s a mandatory feature for manufacturer’s using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 chipset) along with next-gen WiFi 6. But an interesting leak says Samsung is considering bringing back the microSD slot which was controversially eliminated from the entry-stage Galaxy Present 10 last year. That said, don’t ask a similar reprieve for the headphone jack, it has long gone for moral. 

Biometrics –The expansive shock with the Galaxy S20 range is Samsung failed to train Qualcomm’s next-gen 3D Sonic Max fingerprint scanner, regardless of it being available to smartphone makers since September. The Galaxy Present 20 line-up certainly fixes this mistake and given its faster scanning time, toughen for a grand wider reading area (making no-gaze unlocks easier) and dual fingerprints, this may be a expansive upgrade from the hit and leave out gen-one sensor in Galaxy S20 phones. 

Battery Existence– again ask the Galaxy S20 smartphones to have the fitting battery life due to the internal space situation aside in the Present line-up for the S Pen. That said, Samsung went expansive on the battery capacity for the S20s, so ask the Present 20s to come shut to these battery sizes:

  • Galaxy S20 – 4,000 mAh (S10: 3,400 mAh)
  • Galaxy S20+: 4,500 mAh (S10+: 4,100 mAh)
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra: 5,000 mAh

As for charging, 25W is standard for the Galaxy S20 and S20+ with 45W uncommon to the S20 Ultra (though with dinky real-world income). A similar split (especially if there may be a Present 20 Ultra) makes sense here. Wi-fi charging and Wi-fi Energy share (charging assorted gadgets), nonetheless, didn’t step up with the Galaxy S20 range, so maybe Samsung pulls some surprises here nonetheless nothing has leaked so far. 

Be aware– This is perhaps the largest fear for the Galaxy Present 20 phones. Samsung, arguably, pushed prices too excessive with the Galaxy S20 phones:

  • Galaxy S20 – 128GB, from $999
  • Galaxy S20+ – 128GB / 256GB / 512GB, from $1,199
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra – 128GB / 256GB / 512GB, from $1,399

How the S20 range sells will probably be a expansive indicator of whether Samsung sticks with the glimpse-opening strategy. I am hoping for a change of heart, nonetheless I think handiest a sales disaster will make Samsung change course. 

Release Date– Samsung appears to meander up the Galaxy Present launch date each year. August 7 was the launch of the Present 10s and I’d ask another early August launch for the Galaxy Present 20 lineup as Samsung tries to make some space for sales prior to Apple launches its next-gen iPhone devices in mid-September. 


The Galaxy Present 20 range will probably be heavily influenced by the Galaxy S20 devices with design, performance, camera and (sadly) pricing all situation to be similar. But there are also satisfactory potential variations (display, biometrics and that expansive S Pen upgrade) to imply this may be the most neatly-rounded and polished smartphone Samsung releases in 2020. 

Galaxy Present fans will probably be happy to wait for its arrival. But, given the Galaxy S20’s bugs and excessive prices (expansive reductions will come), I’d imply many Samsung fans should decide tight as neatly. 


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