Sonos will release a unique app and operating machine for its speakers in June
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Sonos will release a unique app and operating machine for its speakers in June

Sonos is today detailing the way forward for its multiroom home audio strategy, which revolves around a unique app and operating machine called Sonos S2 that will high-tail on many latest Sonos products and be the foundation for all of the company’s future gadgets. Sonos S2 can be released in June and energy “the following generation” of Sonos products and experiences. But it also represents the fork in the road the place older, legacy hardware can be left behind and stop receiving unique features.

Switching to a unique OS will consequence in expanded capabilities, according to Sonos. Sonos S2 will allow for increased-resolution audio, whereas, apt now, the company’s speakers are diminutive to CD-quality lossless audio. The revamped software underpinnings may possibly let Sonos hotfoot hi there-fi in the same way as Amazon’s Echo Studio. It may possibly also finally consequence in Sonos adopting Dolby Atmos for home theater sound in the following Playbar, Playbase, or Beam.

Sonos S2 will also allow for usability enhancements (there can be improved room groups functionality in June) and “extra linked and personal experiences,” according to the company. There aren’t many details on the latter proper yet, however in past conversations with Sonos staff, they’ve hinted at a future in which your Sonos speakers may possibly automatically start playing a certain playlist or podcast ought to you arrive home (or wake up in the morning) based to your listening patterns.

Sonos will continue to make stronger Alexa and Google Assistant with S2, however considering how contentious its relationship with Amazon and Google has turn out to be, you’ve obtained to figure that the company is charting out its own assure assistant future, and S2 may possibly eventually play into that.

A preview of the Sonos S2 app. It’s no longer all that assorted from the latest Sonos cell app.
Image: Sonos

This forward-looking plan requires making a break from legacy Sonos products. The company has said that these gadgets will no longer obtain unique features as of May since they lack the necessary processing energy, although they’ll restful get computer virus fixes and security patches. “We are going to work with our partners to maintain your tune and assure products and companies working for as lengthy as we can,” Sonos reiterated today. The company posted this FAQ on the transition.

But you’ll handiest be able to exhaust these legacy products with theraggedSonos app as soon as Sonos S2 is released. When that happens, there can be two Sonos apps on both Android and iOS: the latest app can be renamed as Sonos S1 Controller. (To patrons, the more moderen S2 app will merely be called “Sonos.”) Legacy products will remain on S1, and up to date Sonos gear will make the upgrade to S2.

In the event you handiest own contemporary Sonos speakers, there’s really nothing to fear about: you can proper migrate to Sonos S2 and forget about the ragged app. However the place things get a bit sophisticated is ought to you havebothlegacy and up to date Sonos products in your machine. For that scenario, Sonos is giving customers a few alternate choices to retract between:

1) Take away the S1-handiest products out of your machine. With handiest S2 compatible products remaining, you’ll be ready to download the unique Sonos app in June.

2) Trade up S1-handiest products to their S2 compatible equivalents. For customers who purchase this feature, we continue to offer a 30 p.c bargain as part of our Trade Up program.

3) Race your existing machine on the S1 app. You’ll restful get computer virus fixes and security patches, and we are able to work with our partners to maintain your tune and assure products and companies working for as lengthy as we can.

4) Separate your machine into two. We’ll publish detailed instructions for a way to accomplish this nearer the time. Unfortunately, it received’t be imaginable to neighborhood an S1 machine with an S2 machine.

Picking number three means that your up to date Sonos gadgets will no longer obtain unique features — even in the event that they’re totally capable of supporting them — since the oldest instrument in your machine determines what software runs across the total thing.

The latest Sonos app (left) and upcoming Sonos S2 app (apt).
Image: Sonos

To me, this seems to be adore a accurate compromise. In a superb world, Sonos may possibly maintain ragged and unique products working together harmoniously, however it certainly’s no longer happening. In the event you’ve obtained something adore an original Play:5 or early Sonos Connect that’s restful working great, no person’s forcing you to upgrade or trade it in. You may possibly proper have to get creative about deciding the most effective approach for splitting your ragged and up to date Sonos methods apart in your place.

Sonos says S2 will ship on all unique products it releases after May. The company’s most contemporary product launches have been the portable Sonos Walk, Sonos One SL speaker (without constructed-in microphones), and the Sonos Port. All three have been announced back in September.



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