At the beginning of the week, we saw bitcoin and ethereum rallying, and Axie Infinity has been exploding left and apt, hitting major milestones. And then, the historic hack happened with the theft of USD 600m from Poly Network, with the attacker starting to return funds soon, giving back some USD 342m in two days, and the relaxation a day later. Meanwhile, total global investments in blockchain and cryptoassets surpassed the outdated annual ATH reaching USD 8.7bn, Circle said or now now not it’s on a high-tail towards becoming “a national digital forex bank”, Coinbase plans to originate upon its Coinbase Card debit card and bitcoin-collateral loan service, and BitMEX reached a settlement with US regulators, while Hester Peirce criticized the settlement Poloniex made with the SEC. Speaking of the SEC, it wants ‘terabytes’ of Ripple worker’s Slack messages. Jack Dorsey justified his BTC-handiest stance, and Tron launched a USD 300m fund for GameFi tasks, while for crypto learners the lack of data is more important than volatility.

The Cryptoverse is now now not all fun, trade, and games although. A teenage crypto trader was murdered in wintry blood, gunned down in broad daylight.

A ‘code pink’ for humanity was issued in a unusual climate document, which can abet as a reminder for Bitcoin miners. While Argentina’s president calls crypto a ‘hard forex’ that can fight inflation, and an Argentinian MP demands crypto coverage answers from the authorities, the US Senate passed the controversial infrastructure invoice. Ukraine may allow indirect crypto payments, nonetheless would regulate crypto exchanges, and the Warsaw Stock Exchange CEO said that Poland may tranquil both join the Eurozone or draw back its beget CBDC. The Beijing Financial Courtroom said it can defend the property rights of “digital forex” holders nonetheless handiest if such “currencies” are known by the state, while the Bank of Korea issued a surprisingly crypto-friendly document about the role crypto may play in the nation’s economic system. Also in South Korea, Korbit reopened its flagship bricks-and-mortar customer service center and Upbit gained the upper hand in its legal fight against delisted altcoins issuers. In Japan, two major crypto business groups created a Tax Review Subcommittee. Meanwhile, we learned that there’s a crypto angle to the Messi-PSG-Barca saga as PSG’s fan token was booming.

You’ve been informed. Now you laugh.


First, let’s take a look at how the market’s doing this week.



@notgrubles @VitalikButerin I encourage Vitalik to sue Craig so he can unilaterally rebrand Ethereum as Bitcoin Satoshi’s Imaginative and prescient

— Cory (@coryklippsten)

But we mustn’t deal with Crypto Twitter handiest, we can’t neglect CL.

🤘🏼 let’s gooooo

— Digital Nomad (@M4TT_Pleberton) August 13, 2021

For those merely entering the game, a learn about into your future.


‘Dear Mr White Tophat Hacker Sir’

Dear Hacker, please return our funds.

— Bitcoin Meme Hub 🔞 (@BitcoinMemeHub)

‘Pls. Ta.’

Source: Nikunj Modi / Twitter

Ranges of theft explained.

@danheld Steal $600 million, it’s called defi.

— Will Reeves (@wlrvs)


We may even have our limited maxi wars, think about that

— Agustín Aguilar (@Agusx1211)

No shock we search for them all over the place!

@The_Crypto_Dood There is a complete world of rugs obtainable

— hotsauceislethal (@CannaCollectiv2)

Tutorial: How to almost get a rare NFT.

1. Get rid of rare NFT.

2. Receive a mammoth supply. You finally made it.

3. Accept supply.

4. Your exchange account gets freezed and obtain an email that you are beneath investigation for receiving tainted funds.

— sake (@sakeblues) August 10, 2021

And in case you finally succeed:


They happy.

Source: Twitter/@KourageousKATZ

It is a unusual world.

“The founder cannot join because he has college apt now”.

— Naimish Sanghvi (@ThatNaimish)

Meanwhile, on the regulatory front.

Source: Devchart / Twitter

Insider data.


Let’s take a look at the situation behind the scenes.

US Senators talking about Crypto Regulations

— Mohak Agarwal 🦁 Hiring Developers (@mohakagr)

‘I’ve acquired a cunning plan’ – Janet Palpatine.

“OK, so right here is the plan, we will fake to get it unfriendly till unanimous consent, and then we will get it apt at the…

— cobie (@CryptoCobain)

Is it silver or gold lining? Is it assets? Wait, is it some kind of securities lining?

Silver lining: now that we’re all brokers our immigrant parents will finally think we have real jobs.

— Viktor Bunin (@ViktorBunin)

That now now not qualifies as cringe. It is more akin to eww.

@udiWertheimer biden sniffing eth maxis

— Elmo’s Fat Penguin Fund (🐧, 🐧) (@0xElm0)

No worries. Bitcoin fixes this.

@udiWertheimer Bitcoin fixes this.

— Willy Woo (@woonomic)

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