Streamer Pokimane turns down ‘life-changing money’ to stay on Twitch
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Streamer Pokimane turns down ‘life-changing money’ to stay on Twitch

Imane Anys, who’s more popularly identified as Pokimane, rejected more lucrative presents from other streaming platforms to stay on Amazon-owned Twitch.

Twitch and Pokimane’s representatives from the United Talent Agency came to an agreement for a multi-year deal for her to solely stream on the platform, where she is one among the top 10 most-followed streamers.

Pokimane dedicated to Twitch after the departure of high-profile names to other streaming platforms, such as Conceal and Ninja who have each moved to Microsoft’s Mixer.

Pokimane revealed that she was staying with Twitch in a video uploaded to Twitter, accompanied by a YouTube video explaining her decision.

for other folks that wanna know more about why i made this decision,
watch : ????

— pokimane (@pokimanelol) March 5, 2020

Pokimane revealed that she acquired presents for “life-changing money,” and that she was tempted to creep to another streaming platform, however she made up our minds to stay on Twitch for a variety of reasons, including the streaming delay on rival platforms, the Twitch neighborhood, and the lack of recognition of streamers on other platforms even in the occasion that they achieve high viewership numbers.

The streamer also gave other streaming platforms a tip — instead of chasing after popular streamers to sign up with them, they are going to have to be investing in a feature similar to Twitch’s live chat.

“I can’t imagine streaming without it, I think it may be a lot more boring. I’d rather take much less money to have more enjoyable, to be happier, to stay with my neighborhood, and detached feel care for I’m where everything started, and where I own care for I belong.”

Pokimane’s decision to stay with Twitch, where she believes she’s going to have more enjoyable, echoes advice that she gave to new Fortnite players in an interview with Digital Trends at E3 2018.

“Whatever game you’re playing, simply play for enjoyable. Find some pals to join you. Having enjoyable, at the tip of the day, is the most important thing,” she said.

Twitch remains the king of streaming, although the likes of Mixer, Facebook Gaming, and YouTube Gaming are investing resources to attempt to catch up. It remains to be considered if Mixer’s strategy of signing large names will pay off, however with Halo Infinite for the upcoming Xbox Series X, and aged professional Halo player Ninja onboard, success can be on the horizon.

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