Life of Atheist

A little recap based on the article I did, Atheist people are people who don’t do any religious things such as praying, and going to church every Sunday. Here is another article about Atheist people and their way of living.

An atheist people live their life just like the way we live our life. They just do the same thing we do, what we normally do, but they have their own way of doing it. e.g. We wake up in the morning and pray before we leave our bed. But in an atheist life, they just wake up and get ready for a day to work. Living without any God is not different at all, why? Because every people do things on their on way, atheist just do whatever they want. What do i mean here? I mean, atheist people help others because they just wanted to help, it’s not that they help out of conscience, but they just feel that they need to help, they believe science explain everything, creation of the universe and multiverse due to the three theories of the three great scientists, they also believe that we, humans, originated from Apes. It is the way they believe how humans and universe are formed.

In my opinion, being an atheist doesn’t make you different from others. Hence, there are some people that will always criticize another people, they don’t know how respect is. I’m not saying that all of the people are judgmental but most of them are. So how can we really understand atheism if we’re not ready to understand the word itself. In the end only people make things worst due to known wrong beliefs, they just believe what they must believe. People of this kind are the ones who don’t understand atheistic people. There are atheistic people that are acting more humane than any other human.

“Respect to get it, you must give it”