The Nintendo Swap turns three, and it’s now now not slowing down
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The Nintendo Swap turns three, and it’s now not slowing down

The Nintendo Swap marks its third anniversary as somewhat of a gaming industry savior.

Accurate as Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One saw interest wane, Nintendo delivered a console that would change the definition of console gaming.

Following the massive flop that was the Wii U, many doubted the Swap would catch on. Its main feature, or gimmick depending on who you talked to, was the ability to, effectively, swap. The Japanese game maker took its handheld skills stretching back to the Game Boy and gave the house console newfound freedom.

For certain, it also launched with some killer apps in the compose of Mario Odyssey and The Account of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. A couple of Pokémon entries and a sleek Smash Brothers title later, Nintendo’s chunk-sized console is a winner. And that’s been very simply for gaming as a entire. It wasn’t apt the apathy of gamers at stake. The downturn of the Xbox One and PS4’s lifecycles meant fewer sales, however the Swap emerged as the leader of the pack in crucial years. It helps that the Swap launched at $300 and followed with the $200 Swap Lite, which ironically cannot Swap and acts as a handheld-handiest console.

In the last three years, the Swap found success with blockbuster releases and indie games alike. It also has first-party heavy-hitter Animal Crossingand a sequel to Breath of the Wild coming, with the extinct coming later this month.

In addition to the Swap Lite, the original Swap acquired an upgrade with larger battery existence, and speculation continues to swirl of a that you can think of “pro version.” Nintendo remains level-headed on the matter.

Peaceful, the long term of the Swap and, in turn, Nintendo, remains unwritten past March. Without a release date place for theBreath of the Wild sequel, the remainder of the year appears cloudy. There hasn’t been a Nintendo Snarl, aside from its February Animal Crossing-targeted tournament, since September 2019.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, a spinoff title for the popular franchise releases this week, and sleek DLC for the latest mainline entryPokémon: Sword and Sheild arrives in the spring and fall. Additionally, Trim Smash Bros. Ultimate will get its last round of DLC in January 2021.

If the Swap’s history so far is any indication, nonetheless, Nintendo probably has surprises in store.