The Right Mindset to Achieve Success

The Right Mindset to Achieve Success

The contemporary world has become a world primarily of competition. Every single person is trying to outwit, outsmart, and outshine the other one. So how does one survive the race?

You might think that the answer lies in your natural talent. Or maybe the talent and skill you’ve gained over the years. Or maybe it’s about your creativity, or willingness to take a risk etc. But more often than that, and more importantly than that, as per research, it is your mindset that defines and predicts the outcome of the chance you have taken. With the right mindset, you really can take on the world and make a lot of change.

So what is that “right mindset”? How do you go about achieving it?

As per the scientist who discovered the relationship between mindset and success, it’s all about having a “growth mindset”. One where you believe that you can learn and grow as a person. This is in contrast to a frustrated “fixed mindset”. One where you think that your abilities are static.

To achieve that growth mindset, here are five easy, simple, but important steps you have to take.

Find it!

You have to understand what the mindset is. It’s like a voice inside your head which tells you, directs you, and compels you to take an action, not take one, or rebuke you for failure, encourage you for success etc. It’s that private echo inside your head. Check if it is telling you that you are a failure. If yes, you need to change your mindset and tell yourself that you are NOT a failure and CAN achieve your goal.

Choose the right one!

After you have found the echo, you don’t have to be stuck with it. How you deal with troubles, problems, failures, and criticism is upto you. You YOURSELF can decide if you want growth or stasis. So choose to learn and grow. Choose to believe. Choose to win!

Be sassy!

If Harry Potter can tell Severus Snape that “there’s no need to call me sir, professor!”, then you can also have the same level of sass in response to a fixed mindset voice. Talk back to your echo and tell it that you believe in yourself. And if you haven’t achieved something, it is only transient and you will learn, grow, and win!


You have now taken the major step of choosing the right mindset and changing the odds towards you. Now it is time to act on the new script you have created. Don’t be pacified solely with a new voice. Get out there and prove that voice right! Prove yourself right! Prove yourself amazing!

Words of success!

Adding ‘yet’ to a negative sentence helps immensely. Say to yourself. I haven’t achieved my goal – YET. But I WILL achieve them soon. For more details, check out this video. It is a lecture of the scientist Dweck who carried out this research.

Now that you know the way to change the world, go out there and do just the same! Good luck!

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