Relationships are one of those aspects of life which make it so much more beautiful every single day. A happy, supportive relationship boosts your mood, concentration level, and keeps you full of joy and energy. Now love, and relationships take time. It takes commitment and work and efforts. It’s about understanding your partner, and compromising a few things. It’s a beautiful feeling that can make your life. If you are going through some rocky turf in your love life, or if you just started a journey with that special person, here are a few tips you must always keep in mind. Tips For a Healthy and Happy Relationship.

Before we get into that, remember that there are four essential things that keep a relationship happy and alive:

  1. Stay connected with each other, no matter what the distance.
  2. Don’t be afraid of a few respectful arguments. They arise in relationships and are inevitable.
  3. Remember to keep your other connections alive as one single person cannot be your entire life.
  4. And finally, learn to communicate properly, both with language as well as non verbal communication.

Spend some quality time together

Remember that feeling if butterflies everything you looked into their eyes? Or when you sat by their side? Spending time with each other can increase the chances of a relationship sustaining over long term several folds. Do some things that make you both happy, laugh, enjoy, play, cuddle, and basically do everything that make you fall more in love with each other.

Some physical intimacy will be great

Because the power of touch is amazing. From childbirth to death, the sensation you get when your loved ones hug you, hold your hand, the security, the comfort, the happiness, and the love is all real and one of the best ways to boost your love for each other.

Keep your communication alive

No relationship can thrive with a lack of communication and understanding. Always share things with your partner. Tell them what you love, what you don’t, talk about even how your day went. Ask them theirs. Remember, guesswork, is no work. Think about what they need and if you feel something, question that feeling with the knowledge of each other you’ve gained. Also make sure you read their non verbal cues.

Give and take

Love thrives with understanding, compassion, and some compromise. Learn to give and take things. Understand what’s more important, your dislike for something, or your partner’s love for the same. Opposites do attract, but don’t botch such a beautiful law of nature by forcing your views upon your love.


Remember that differences happen and no journey is without its ups and downs. It is extremely important to resolve any conflict that may arise with love and respect. Don’t drag old arguments in between and don’t attack them directly. Convey your feelings and do not hurt theirs.

Love is a special feeling and emotion that bonds us all together and gives us one more reason to enjoy our life. Understand your partner’s desires and respect them for a healthy, happy, and fruitful relationship. Good luck!