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Two things that might save your relationship over fight

Relationships are sometimes hard to prolong. There are many challenges and trials to face being “in a relationship”.  Here are two things that might help strengthen your relationship.

  1. Avoid being “Always Right”- Not just your boss… Sometimes we didn’t recognize that we are doing the same thing in a relationship. If you always insist on being right, your partner might have problems expressing herself/himself. There are tendencies that he/she just might agree with everything you say and you’ll end up being on a corner. There are so many tendencies that might happen if you continue being “Always Right”, my suggestion is always to listen to what you have said, apologize sooner if you think you’re wrong, and always be open to each other.


  1. Learn when to show pride – There are times when we get into a fight and knew that we are wrong but still insist to fight for it. Sounds Familiar? Yes. This is most of the reason for breakup. Pride is one of the hardest things to control but once you learn how to control it, you can be a better person yourself not just in a better partner in a relationship. Learning when to show your pride will be a lifetime lesson. There are times where you can save your relationship by just not showing your pride. When you got a fight with your partner, you can just listen and accept for what she/he might say not showing your pride and fight over things. There are times that you should accept being wrong, even if you know your right. Your relationship is more important than your pride right? Then the sacrifice is worth it.


There are still many things that you can do to save your relationship over a fight like being the first one to apologize, But the best thing to do is to learn when to show your pride and always check if you’re wrong or right. Again, these are just some of the things you can do over a fight in a relationship. And if you have any other Ideas, comment below and let us learn from you as well.

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