‘Valorant’ 1.0 launch adds a new character, game mode and map
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‘Valorant’ 1.0 launch adds a new character, game mode and map

Valorant 1.0 Patch Notes

Rebellion Games

A contemporary Spike Race game mode is available in beta, with the intention of offering a extra aggravating, faster match. A brand contemporary map is available, Ascent, that features a central area teams can management to start up totally different routes for attackers.

REYNA /// Mexico
“What hope carry out these criaturas have?”#VALORANT

— VALORANT (@PlayVALORANT) May 30, 2020

Reyna is the first contemporary character Rebellion’s adding to the game. She’s described as a “broad “get frags” agent” who wants to get kills to strength up her special abilities. According to one designer “If she doesn’t get kills, although, she’s BAD. Love, near-ineffective. You may very nicely be making a broad bet picking Reyna.”

Existing heroes Sage, Omen, Phoenix, Raze and Jett have all had their abilities adjusted as nicely, hit registration has been updated and performance fixes must aloof aid maintain framerates steady. Rebellion has also revealed a “neighborhood code” ahead of launch to lay out how they quiz players to treat each other — it is going to pop up the first time contemporary players log in. For folk that break it, they can quiz a 72-hour restriction that blocks “all” and “team” chat channels, although party chat will aloof let them communicate with pals.

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