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What is an Emotional Affair? Is it Considered as Cheating?

What is an Emotional Affair? Is it Considered as Cheating? It is painful to learn that our partner has an emotional affair with another person. The feeling that you’re physically close, but your partner’s mind and heart is not totally into you. As defined by wikipedia “Emotional Affair is a bond between two people that mimics the closeness and emotional intimacy of a romantic relationship while never being physically consummated”. In my opinion, Emotional Affair should be considered as cheating, because you’re sharing your love and thoughts to someone the way you do with your partner. The only difference between Emotional Affair and the Obvious Affair is… Well, Obviously you’re just not touching each other or just not having sexual intercourse.

Having Emotional affair is not being 100% loyal or others might say its totally not being loyal… In short, You’re one step away from being a total cheater. Being in a relationship, it is your responsibility to stay in love with only one person… Your partner. It is not your responsibility to think of someone and feel close to each other.

Emotional Affairs can be avoided. It is your choice to begin with. When temptation comes, always remember where you started. And always remember your partners face and imagine how would she/he feels when she/he knows the situation. This information is based on my research and also by experience. Always be true to your partner. If you feel your partner’s already cheating, better check it here(click this link).

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