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“Works with Chromebook” officially launched for certified Chrome OS accessories

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Four months ago, Robby shared a very interesting product that was quietly sitting at a local Finest Take. There wasn’t anything overly unusual about the Anker PowerPort Atom USB-C charger itself but the packaging displayed a surprise we had been large indignant to leer. Three straight forward words. “works with chromebook” adorned the back of the sector in the develop of a small sticky label that included the familiar Chrome logo.

At that point in time, there was no be aware from Google about this new branding and as the weeks passed, we saw no new merchandise carrying the badge. We had been stoked about the potential of this marketing because Chrome OS users are, for the most part, in the dark when it comes to peripheral compatibility. So many merchandise “perfect work” with Chromebooks but there hasn’t been a clear-cut way for purchasers to know which of them to take. This is able to solve that.

Today, Google has finally announced that the “Works with Chromebook” branding is official and they have bagged some fairly titanic name partners to wear the badge. Belkin, Kensington, Logitech and unnecessary to say, Anker are perfect a few of the accessory makers that are and will design peripherals that are certified to work with Chrome OS.

Works with Chromebook accessories can be found at, Finest Take (U.S. and Canada),, and Bic Camera (Japan) with extra retailers coming soon. I did a rapidly search at Walmart and found that Anker and Cable Matters are already listing “Works with Chromebook certified” gadgets such as chargers and adapters. Right here’s a titanic step forward for Chrome OS. The next step, in my opinion, will be retailers actually adding a “Works with Chromebook” category to their online stores to make it even easier for traders to filter compatible merchandise. You can find extra information and the listing of manufacturers on the Works with Chromebook online page.

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