xQc banned on Twitch after in-game woman reveals ‘too great’ of herself
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xQc banned on Twitch after in-game woman reveals ‘too great’ of herself

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On the alternative hand, it doesn’t seem appreciate his precaution was satisfactory, as his Twitch channel was promptly suspended – and while we are in doubt as to the exact reason for the ban, his latest stream may possibly point to a major factor in why he’s now now not any longer able to broadcast, at present.

❌ Twitch Partner “xQcOW” (@xqc) has been banned! ❌ #ban #secondban #partner #twitchpartner 🇧🇴

— StreamerBans (@StreamerBans) March 1, 2020

That’s now now not all: Tweets across the obtain also claim that xQc’s Discord has been banned, as effectively, although the reason for this fashion (and the legitimacy of those claims) is quiet unknown at the time of writing.

HYPEX, Twitter

This is now now not the primary time Lengyel has been banned for showing adult-themed negate material during his broadcasts, either; the star acquired a ban in July 2019 after watching a YouTube video titled, “Safe for Work ***,” which showed adult-themed videos covered up by cartoons that showed the actors performing way more family-pleasant tasks.

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While the streamer was banned for a three-day interval for the offense, there’s no telling how prolonged his latest ban will last, suitable yet.

xQc, Twitter

Twitch star ‘xQc’ has acquired a ban after playing an adult-themed game.

That’s now now not all: those that watched his latest stream also claim that xQc passe a cheat code to get around the game’s normally blurred nudity, which may have been a contributing factor to his February suspension.

Twitch’s guidelines state that “nudity and sexually explicit negate material or activities” are prohibited on their platform, although they impact make exceptions depending on the context of the situation, as in “educational contexts or for pre-approved licensed negate material.”

Twitch’s guidelines make explicit point out of adult-themed negate material.

While xQc’s Discord was reported to have been banned, claims are now suggesting that the channel is back online, although these allegations have yet to be verified.

Stay tuned to Dexerto for more news and updates as the situation progresses.



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